Well, it's officially the end of an era. I wasn't going to start a thread, because I didn't feel like it at the time. But I figured that I should honor my favorite character. Besides, not sure if the turtle fans on the board, are up to date with the current Mirage Comics. Especially since, the art of the book isn't the greatest.

But in Issue #10, they promised that a major character was going to die. And just like Chewbacca, it was a senseless death. I don't have the issue in my hand at the moment, but I will post what I've read. Only thing I can say, is he deserved a more noble death. Atleast dieing in battle, or somthing. Atleast the vision of one of his sons killing him wasn't true.

In Issue #8 and #9, it was strongly hinted that April was going to be the one to die. She had been stabbed years ago by Baxter Stockmen, and the nanoprobes in the weapon he used had remained dorment. But they suddenly reactivated and the Turtles and the Utroms battled to save her life.

But in Issue #10, their measures seemed to have helped. But unfortunatly Master Splinter suffered what according to what I've read, appears to have been a major heart attack. Before he passed away, he seemed distraught at leaving his sons.

As he died, what appeared to be the spirit of the Rat King appeared before him. He's appeared before, when Splinter was near death to help him battle back to life at all costs. Whether he was there now as a guide to the next realm or for a more sinister purpose, isn't explained.

There is always the chance that he could pull the old Obi-Wan trick, and appear when the TMNT need him in spirit form. But that's not known at the moment. Issue #11 will be his funeral issue, which will most likely follow the vision of Donatello in Japan to lay to rest the remains of Splinter.


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