OK. Well the 1990's is when collectible card games pretty much exploded into the market. Magic: The Gathering was a huge success so everyone tried to get on the band wagon. Who here has played, or is now playing, a CCG that is now defunct? I played X-Files which is not longer around. In fact it was cancelled right before a 2nd expansion was to be sent to the printers.

I played Harry Potter but that died too. Not enough interest from younger players. The game mechanics were fine, but the marketing for the game was poor.

I still play Mythos once a month with some friends from Western Washington that enjoy Lovecraft's stories. This is by far my favorite CCG and is still a fun play. The game isn't technically dead -- just on hold until Chaosium can get enough money to produce it again.

So any other dead CCG's that people used to enjoy? And if you collected the cards for X-Files, Mythos, and Harry Potter, please feel free to send me a PM. I may be looking to trade or buy some cards.