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    1990's CCG Explosion

    OK. Well the 1990's is when collectible card games pretty much exploded into the market. Magic: The Gathering was a huge success so everyone tried to get on the band wagon. Who here has played, or is now playing, a CCG that is now defunct? I played X-Files which is not longer around. In fact it was cancelled right before a 2nd expansion was to be sent to the printers.

    I played Harry Potter but that died too. Not enough interest from younger players. The game mechanics were fine, but the marketing for the game was poor.

    I still play Mythos once a month with some friends from Western Washington that enjoy Lovecraft's stories. This is by far my favorite CCG and is still a fun play. The game isn't technically dead -- just on hold until Chaosium can get enough money to produce it again.

    So any other dead CCG's that people used to enjoy? And if you collected the cards for X-Files, Mythos, and Harry Potter, please feel free to send me a PM. I may be looking to trade or buy some cards.

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    It's far from dead I suppose but I play Star Wars TCG from WOTC. I can see it getting cancelled in a few years or at least going into hibernation. I know of noone other than my 8-year-old son who plays on a regular basis. None of the card shops I frequent ever have tournaments or demos and I have yet to see anyone just playing it.

    It's a great game but hasn't caught on like Magic or Warhammer.
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    I pretty much play Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh and used to be into DBZ, would like to get back into that though.

    I had started to buy DEAD LANDS cards but could never figure out how to play it. The RPG was killer though, it was my favorite. I love to play MAGIC Online.

    One game my friends and I played (that had a similar premise to Magic)
    was a combo of a card game and board game was an X MEN game based on the comics, it was great.
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    I loved MTG. I haven't played in while. I stopped collecting right before 6th edition. I also collected star wars ccg.
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    I play(ed) a ton of TCG/CCGs, some dead now...

    1.) SW: CCG (best CCG ever, imo)

    2.) Aliens Predator (and later Terminator) was a great fun multiplayer game.

    3.) Yu-Gi-Oh - okay, it's not dead by any means, but I love it and still play.

    4.) Magic - it was an okay game to me. I bought cards here and there and play once in a while for fun and a change of pace

    5.) Pokemon TCG - Hey, say what you will about the shows and the non RPG games, they all suck and I don't like them. But the card game was actually fun and I collected up to Legendary a few new casrds, but nothing substantial...

    6.) Star Trek CCG...I tried it, got a few good cards, dropped it....just wasn't my kinda game...

    7.) SW: TCG by WotC - Tried it and it...SUCKS...sorry, I'll never like it and it's a very poor replacement for SW CCG

    8.) TMNT TCG - picked up the 2 player start, but haven't had a chance to play it yet. Seems pretty decent, but simple like Yu-Gi-Oh. Haven't even seen boosters for it. Anyone get to play it? I love the look of the cards...
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    Hmmm, lets see.

    I used to play all of the following:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: CCG
    I LOVED this game but it only lasted 3 Sets due to the stupidity of the company that made the game.

    Star Wars: CCG
    Another game I loved. LFL killed it off, the jerks. This game was fun. Where else can Yoda Fly an X-wing with R5-D4 as the Astromech making an Attack Run on the Death Star?

    Lord of the Rings: TCG
    I USED to like the game. When Decipher's whole Tournament system went corrupt, I quit the game in sheer hatred towards the company.

    Star Wars: TCG
    Another game I love. I just dont have much time or money to support it anymore.

    There are a few CCGs I've played but are so Meh, they arent worthy of my time to type them on here.
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    Nice little list there. You'll have to teach me the Buffy game over Cardtable.

    As for SW: CCG...yeah, those were great days. Personally, I liked having Ewoks Jedi Train on Dagobah while Qui-Gon and Leia took off in the Falcon because of Mace's Death Mark.
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    There was a report that Fantasy Flight Games purchased the rights from Chaosium to create a new CCG based on Call of Cthulhu.

    But any info on the game has been removed from the Fantasy Flight website.
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    I collected but never played the SW CCG. I stopped around the time Jabba's Palace came out. I never really knew anyone else that played. I loved the images on the cards. I thought it sucked that LFL cancelled the license and moved it to WoTC.
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    Re: 1990's CCG Explosion

    Dr. E, I agree completely! Biggest mistake LFL couldhave done was go to WotC. Their game sucks. SW: CCG was a great game, but yeah, I didn't know too many who played either in real life. I played mostly online at the Decipher Palace, or on cardtable...heck, even over AIM...
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    "I try not to set standards. I don't like to show people I'm superior." - Me


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