We've discussed plotlines, characters, and series. But since this is a STAR WARS collecting site, perhaps some stories of yore related to prices would suffice.
Did you steal a pricy book for next to nothing? (No, no actual thefts, please ). Did you luck out and guess right, right off the newsstand/comic shop shelf?

My bests:

* Amazing Spiderman #238 ($2.50, with the tatoo thingy inside, from an "All For $2.50 Each" bin)
* Set of all 5 Punisher Limited series for $20 (Well, at one time this was a great deal... )
* G.I.Joe #2 in a bag of 3 for $.99 comics (First printing! But I read that puppy to death, i.e. only 'Good' condition)

Others, gentle readers?