As with all things in the universe, not everything comes out good in the end. I'm sure that every comic collector has been burned, perhaps big time, on a book or two (or 800,000). What wastes of time have you encountered? What times could you have used a $20 bill as tissue and received a better deal? Were you ever pressured into a purchase you later regretted?

My goofs:
* The Realm #1 (Back in the day of Small Press, B&W comics it was easy to think "this will skyrocket in value!" and splurge on a potential winner. I shelled out $40 for this one, which was a kinda cool story [Dungeons & Dragons-type fantasy], but now it doesn't even exist anymore, I think)
* The Pit (I bought multiple copies of this New Universe tie-in book. Why? It destroys Pittsburgh, PA! )
* The entire run (minus one in the #20s) of the ALF series, plus Annuals, Specials, and Digest size ('Nuff said)
* Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters (Back when the 'cool' books came in 'Dark Knight' format [like a graphic novel now], this was supposedly the best story like ever and all. Uh, no.)
* Star Wars #68 (The Boba Fett 'origin issue.' Wow. Some story, and for $20, I shoulda waited)

Well? Have I given you enough to talk about?