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Thread: Worst Deals?

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    Unhappy Worst Deals?

    As with all things in the universe, not everything comes out good in the end. I'm sure that every comic collector has been burned, perhaps big time, on a book or two (or 800,000). What wastes of time have you encountered? What times could you have used a $20 bill as tissue and received a better deal? Were you ever pressured into a purchase you later regretted?

    My goofs:
    * The Realm #1 (Back in the day of Small Press, B&W comics it was easy to think "this will skyrocket in value!" and splurge on a potential winner. I shelled out $40 for this one, which was a kinda cool story [Dungeons & Dragons-type fantasy], but now it doesn't even exist anymore, I think)
    * The Pit (I bought multiple copies of this New Universe tie-in book. Why? It destroys Pittsburgh, PA! )
    * The entire run (minus one in the #20s) of the ALF series, plus Annuals, Specials, and Digest size ('Nuff said)
    * Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters (Back when the 'cool' books came in 'Dark Knight' format [like a graphic novel now], this was supposedly the best story like ever and all. Uh, no.)
    * Star Wars #68 (The Boba Fett 'origin issue.' Wow. Some story, and for $20, I shoulda waited)

    Well? Have I given you enough to talk about?
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    Hehehe, I remember seeing all those "Black Bag Death of Superman" comics going for big bucks back in the day. I think the highest I saw them going for was like $75.00!!! Not to mention the "Silver, Gold and Platinum" bags.

    Of course, that was before the resurection of the 4 new Supermen.

    I bought the black bag (for retail) as well as the white bag (welcome back), and all 4 special covers (Cyborg, Man of Steel, Young kid, and the other one).

    I fell for the Superman Returns craze, along with the "Dead Againg" and of course the rematch with Doomsday.

    That was back in the day, now I don't really follow comics.
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    60 bucks for a David Robinson Rookie card. Even though the Spurs won again tonight, that card ain't EVER gonna break 10 bucks again. I would have been better off with toilet paper.

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    I think there were some of those early Valiant comics ( Magnus, Solar, etc) that I probably slapped a little too much down for.

    I have rarely, if ever, paid $20 for a single comic book. I think the most I've gone is $12 and I think that was for a McFarlane Hulk issue. It was before I learned the virtue of patience and that there were other sources other than your local comic book store. Like the classifieds. i can't count the number of times I've seen the words 'Selling old comic book collection. Must make room." or something and gotten there and struck GOLD! I have some EARLY Fantastic Four issues that I found in a box of comics I paid like $40 for.
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    What are those Valiant comics going for now? Pennies?

    My worst deal ever was Marvel Premiere #16, the second appearance of Iron Fist. Why was it a bad deal, you ask? I found a shiny copy of it with no visible flaws for $15, which was a good price at the time, at a comic shop while on vacation. When I got it home, the eight pages in the middle were missing! And since I'd purchased it several hours away from my home, I couldn't go and argue with them to give me a refund.
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    I bought an early G.I.Joe (maybe #6) for around $20. Great condition. When I was reading it (yes, I read my comics, like I played with my SW figures), I noticed that the "This Month's Comics" box said G.I.Joe #30something was coming out. Hmm. I looked more closely at the first page, and you could barely tell that there was an erasure mark, right where a "second print" phrase would be. Arr!
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Re: Worst Deals? (knew I'd find it)

    I got Jim Nastics #1 (was there even a second issue?) in a grab bag (great way to trick people into removing your crappy overstock) for what amounted to less than $.50, AND I STILL GOT RIPPED OFF! It was about a gymnast (sp?) who gets superpowers. Wow. Amazing. I could've made two pay phone calls back then for that...
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Re: Worst Deals?

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    What are those Valiant comics going for now? Pennies?
    Pretty much. I fell for this as well. I have a bunch of Valiant comics I was convinced were going to increase in value.

    Or how about The Avengers versus Ultraforce? And the biggest thorn in my side -- The Spider-man Clone Saga. Can't believe I even invested in the Ben story line. These are barely worth cover price now.

    I haven't paid more than retail for a comic in a long time, but in the early 90's I fell for the "multiple cover" thing. I have all 5 covers of X-Men #1 from the 90's and they are pretty worthless now. I also have some early Image stuff (Trencher, Tribe, The Pitt) that I thought would be valuable, but were truely crap.

    And Bel-Cam, even though the New Universe titles from Marvel aren't worth much, I'd never give mine away. I really enjoyed the series when I was younger.
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    Re: Worst Deals?

    Dr Zoltar- Even the New Universe's Kickers Inc.?

    I rarely bought investment books and if I did they were usually older X-Men and Batman books that are still worth a bit today. I think most who collected comics in the 90's got burned at some point or caught up in some gimmick to get more of your $. A few things that I can remember are:

    -Anything and everything Valiant, remember those chromium cover variants.

    -Most of the books put out by Image in their younger days like Youngblood, Savage Dragon and even Spawn. Remember when you had to buy all the books Image put out in a particular month just for that mail-away Image #0 that was supposedly going to be red hot, and it sucked.

    -The Mcfarane / Liefield / Lee ripple effect. I remember every book these guys touched for a while was highly sought after and fetched some pretty good $. Now most are worth considerably less.

    -For the first few summers Marvel started doing the huge crossovers I bought all the tie-in books thinking they were going to be hot.

    -Hawkworld, much like the Green Arrow LBH books they were over hyped and hot for only a short time.

    I read all my books too and their value has always been secondary to me. If it was a good read I was there and if it ended up being worth something later than that was cool but I rarely bought books just because I thought they would be worth something later.
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    Re: Worst Deals?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    * The entire run (minus one in the #20s) of the ALF series, plus Annuals, Specials, and Digest size ('Nuff said)
    A goof? No way - PRICELESS!

    One of my probable goofs was a signed copy of X-Men #25 (with craptastic Wolverine hologram!) by author Fabian Nicieza (sp?). Probably not worth much anymore.

    Anyone remember Stephen Platt and his moon Knight stuff? That crap blew up for a while. I only bought the final issue for regular price to see what the fuss was all about.
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