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    Question Ethanol gas?? Bad or good.

    Someone told me it can destroy your seals in your carburator/injectors, or whatever. Most say it keeps your engine clean and the air. Comments???
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    Of course if a "new" fuel source such as EtOH became the norm (yeah right), the car engine would have to be modified. That's one of the reason's car companies are hesitant to accept an alternative to gasoline. They would have to redesign and retool.

    IMO, why take a half-step forward (with EtOH) when you can take full strides? Solar power and rechargeable battery technologies have been around for a long time, would all but eliminate pollutants, and cars based around them would be much easier to maintain, especially if significant research were actually funded toward that goal. ANOTHER reason car companies are slow to accept new technology: that would make the buying of cars less frequent and they would also require less maintainance.

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    "O is for oxygen."

    My understanding (from what I've read) is that using the current standard mix of 90% gas and 10% Ethanol, your engine should be fine. I also know that in California Ethanol is replacing the current oxygenate "MTBE" because of concerns that it (MTBE) has been polluting our water table. (It seeps through the tanks and settles down into our drinking water, yum yum!) Hopefully forcing the refiners to come up with a new technology will help to insure that the quality of the product will also improve. I would assume, just like any kind of fuel, that the quality of a particular fuel/Ethanol blend has an impact on the amount of wear and damage to your motor. (Dirty gas can be just as big a problem.)

    And ... since Ethanol is corn based, all you Iowans should be millionaires before long.

    I also understand that supposedly the production cost (at least initially) of Ethanol blend gasoline is higher than the previous blend. Not to mention, Ethanol has to be trucked in for us to use here in the west. For once the Midwest has an advantage, you've got the corn ... and not surprisingly we've been paying more for gas on our side of the Rockies than anyone else.

    here's an interesting page at Chevron's site ...

    oh and EricRG ... you know that no matter what the power source, the car companies would find some way to continuously turn a buck.

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    MTBE also corrodes the fuel lines and can lead to vehicle fires. I spent a few years in Brazil and about half of the cars there are made to work with a gasoline/ethanol mix (I think it's mainly ethanol). The good thing about ethanol is that it is less polluting because it burns cleaner (makes more water and carbon dioxide and less side products like NO2 and SO2), has less impurities than gas, and is a renewable source of energy since it can be made quickly from fermentation and other processes. Another plus about ethanol-burning cars is that their exahust smells a lot better (not that I go around with my nose up someone's tail pipe all day ).

    Personally I'm in favor for development of hybrid cars like the one Honda's been working on. You use a combustible in sparing amounts to recharge a series of electrical batteries. Hopefully we can break our heavy dependence on crude oil soon.
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    I'm all for anything that's corn based. About half my family (extended) works with corn. Got family that makes the seed, grows it, mills and ferments it. Even got an Aunt who dreams up new uses for corn and its byproducts. So corn it up.
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    After we had to banish an entire crop of yellow corn for a year (this was a few years back) and were stuck with white corn, I'm not so happy with all this corn-monkeying going on.
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    Man....this thread is so corny.
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