Everything is new an unopened aside from the loose stuff. Will only trade loose for loose on my list.

Haves list:



Mike Richter Blue Variant (US)
Mike Richter Blue Variant (Tri)


Latrell Sprewell Blue Variant (US)


Ichiro Grey Variant (Tri)


Jason Giambi White Variant (US)
Derek Jeter Grey Variant (US)

Matrix Reloaded

Twin 2


Ash vs Evil Ash 2 Pack
Masked Predator 2 with green blood
Spawn Store exclusive Stealth Predator


10th Ann. Spawn

GI Joe

Toyfare Snake Eyes and Scarlett 2 pack
Kid Rhino DVD Blue Snake Eyes (25,000) made (sealed)

Marvel Legends / Spider-Man

Gold Iron Man chase variant (poster instead of comic)
Movie Daredevil (loose)
Spiderman Classics Spiderman (loose)
Venom (from the new Spidey line, loose)


Walmart Exclusive Teela w. video (gold hair band variation)


FOTR Legolas
TTT Prologue Elven Warrior

Star Wars

POTF FF Sandtrooper (US)
POTF Samís Club Empire Strikes Back 3 pack (includes the rare GC Lando, OC Dagobah Luke and GC Tie Fighter Pilot
EP1 Walmart Exclusive Holograph Darth Maul
Saga Ephant Mon
Saga Aayla Secura

Masters Replicas F/X Anakin Skywalker

Loose SW figures

Preview Mace Windu (complete)
EP1 Walmart Exclusive Holograph Qui Gon Jinn (complete)
EP1 Walmart Exclusive Holograph Darth Maul (complete)
Saga Final Battle Jango Fett (complete)



Any NFL variants
(49er Rice and Black Michael Vick are priority)

NBA 1 Vince Carter Purple Variant
NBA1 Kobe Purple Variant
MLB2 Bonds White Variant
MLB3 Griffey White Variant
MLB4 Hinske White Variant
NHL1 Yzerman Red Variant
NHL1 Curtis Joseph Blue Variant
NHL1 Sundin
NHL3 Mogilny Blue Variant

Bandai Final Fantasy 7


Marvel Legends

Unmasked Wolverine
Iron Man (loose)
Captain America (loose)
Hulk (loose)

Iíll listen to all offers so give me a shout! bronfmui@hotmail.com