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    Ever get buyers remorse?

    Im not talking about the 'I paid 10 when it went for clearance at 2' type of remorse.
    Im reffering to the 'looked good in the store ',impulse buy that once home , realized the value wasnt there.

    My 2 examples:
    That horrible r2d2 from this year, ive gotten more value from happy meal toys

    The walmart 2 packs of trash scenes. I only saw them once and got em at walmart, roughly $40 for the pair I think. For 4 rehashed figs with a base and cardboard backdrops. In hindsight, if i saw these again , together in a large box I would have laughed at the value and walked away, but for some reason it didnt dawn on me .

    Im sure im not the only one , am I?

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    It happens sometimes. You just have to learn to not be a completist, and just buy what you like.

    By the way. The Trash Compactor Scenes are not rehashed figures. They feature all new sculpting. Rehashes would be the use of old parts to make a new figure. Like the AT-ST Driver and StormTrooper in the TRU 4-Pack.

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    JarJar is right. I felt a little remorse a few weeks ago when I found 2 Sneak Peak Clones at TRU. I bought them but but felt a little bad afterwards. Then I thought, "I need more Clones anyways, why should I feel bad?"
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    I don't have too many items I regret buying, maybe a couple extra figures I didn't really need, like POTF2 Slave Leia. I never saw the Trash Compactor sets. If I did, I would have probably bought them.

    There are a few things I regret not buying, like the only time I saw Han w/ Tauntaun. I also wish I bought the Rebel Pilot Cinema Scene when I saw it on clearance for $8 and the Vader and Yoda Complete Galaxies for $5 each.
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    That was going to be my next question,'what do u regret not getting'

    My thoughts are basically if its star wars and i see it at retail i need to grab it immediately or else I may never see it again.

    This is what unfortunately leads to a few occasional regrets, because i cant wait and decide well maybe i want this , its buy it or forget it

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    Well, the thing is, the Rebel Pilots and the Complete Galaxies were sitting there for the longest time, but I managed to convince myself that I didn't need them. Then, when ATOC came out, there has been quite a drought in OT figures. Since I decided not to collect PT items, I started army building and customizing. I wish I bought those extra Rebel Pilots. In hindsight, the Vader and the Yoda were just kinda neat. I've seen them on E-bay for pretty cheap, so I might pick them up.

    One other thing I didn't buy was the MM Coin figures. I hear the C-3PO is pretty nice. Oh well.
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    with so much product being made ya cant get everything, its best to be a little more critical i think. I have definitley 'forced a few purchases for no other reason than 'i havent seen anything new in a while'. For the most part im happy with everything but a few ones i regret and a few i repent

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    FAO Fambaa. I like it, but I paid way too much for it!

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    thats why i never got it, i had the pre-remorse before i got to the checkout line

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    The R2 is okay. It looks nice while flying, apart from the lack of the blue stripe and the position of the legs. The damn C-3PO-puller got stuck up his bum wih a wad of string so I got a new one. Now, the string comes out but the flyin' feature don't work. *sigh* That's my least favorite Star Wars thing I own.
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