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    Lego-Direct Death Star Trench on Ebay!!

    Thought this would be intresting to all you Legoholics out there. It's a custom built display of the Death Star Trench built to scale for the Lego Mini Models. There are two available, and while the auctions have only been running a few hours, the one is up to $600+ and the other is $400+. They supposedly only made the two as display models.

    Only the Rebels can save the galaxy from the power of the Death Star™! Now you can recreate one of the most famous scenes of the Star Wars: saga, as a Rebel X-wing Fighter™ tries to target the Death Star exhaust shaft before it's too late. This set includes a portion of the Death Star station, featuring a base, two sides, and 27 square floor and wall modules. Floor and wall modules can be rearranged to create different trenches within the Death Star!

    Death Star section is a full 20” long, 5” high, and 10˝” deep, and weighs 7 lbs. 6 oz. (without MINI-models). Model comes disassembled and all components are glued. This is one of 2 exclusive models built especially for eBay! Auction also features a #4484 MINI X-wing Fighter and TIE Fighter™ set (in packaging), and two exclusive #3219 MINI TIE Fighters (in packaging), which have never been available at retail!

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    Just when I thought it was safe to collect LEGOs they hit me with one of these.

    I just saw these on Ebay, I figured it wouldn't take long to see these posted here.

    They look great, but $600.00+

    Maybe we will get lucky and LEGO will mass produce these based on high popularity with the mini sets.

    It could happen.
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    saw them on, very cool stuff
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    They are nice but alot of money. How upset would the winners be if they decided to actually make these? I know I would be.
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    Very cool, but not worth $600. Partially when a number of the bricks have been glued together.
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    Wow, that rocks, but at that price, I'll have to just dream about owning one. I'm still trying to figure out how to sneak out of a TRU with the mini display case, undetected.
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    Just another case of people having too much money on their hands and a huge hole in their pocket.

    I'd rather just make one myself. It'd be way cheaper and I'd have more fun.
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