View Poll Results: How do you want to see a Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot released?

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  • With one pilot included

    24 4.05%
  • With the vehicle only, and the pilot carded separately

    37 6.24%
  • With one pilot included, and a pilot with a second head sculpt carded

    206 34.74%
  • With two pilots included (maybe with different head sculpts)

    292 49.24%
  • I'm not interested in seeing the Twin Pod Cloud Car being released

    34 5.73%
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    How do you want to see a Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot released?

    The twin pod cloud car is the last main-stream, or commonly available Classic Star Wars vehicle made for the vintage line, that has not been re-released with a modern update.

    Also, out of the 15 or so vintage Kenner figures that have not been redone since Hasbro has held the modern license, the Cloud Car Pilot remains as falling into this category.

    I remember the old figure was actually quite a good sculpt and had a more modern look to him even for the time. He included a commlink besides a blaster, giving him unique and cool accessories.

    The old mold for the vehicle is pretty good for what you can do with this ship, however, I'm in the camp that would like firing missles to be added, so long as they are red, like the Cloud Car's laser blasts across the Millennium Falcon's bow, and so long as they are well-hidden in the cannon-port routing on either side of the craft. Maybe new engine detail would also be cool on the ship as well.

    Meanwhile, I voted for the craft coming with 2 figures, of which I hope would include both a white and a black pilot. The sculpts need not differ greatly at all, so Hasbro doesn't have to increase the cost for a second pilot, too much - they both won't require skin tone paint on their hands, as they both would be wearing pilots' gloves.

    I also hope they'll keep with tradition, and give each pilot a blaster and a commlink like the old Kenner ones came with - even though they really wouldn't need handheld commlinks, since the ship would have a communication system to reach back to base on Cloud City. I'm simply just nostalgic.

    Anyway, we've heard rumors it would be last year, then this year. Let's tell Hasbro a) if we want this ship, and b) how we'd like them to "cook it up" for us.

    Vote now!
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    I've been posting about how bad I wanna see this baby
    re-released for a long, long time . . .

    Like the Sandcrawler, it's a toy that I never got way back
    when I was the size of a jawa, and I still want it bad.

    Bring it on, Hasbro. We're waiting.

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    Well, I'm a fan of the idea that all the vintage figures should get a re-make for the modern line on their own card. I also like the idea of getting a figure with your vehicle. So this was kind of a no brainer for me.
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    With one pilot included, and a pilot with a second head sculpt carded...just like we did with the Bespin Guard/Freeze Chamber.

    Besides, Army Builders and Carded Collectors will complain if they don't get get a carded figure.
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    i have fond memories of the original cloud car, but very little interest in seeing the vehicle re-released. i do think it would be nice to remake all of the old figures, so the pilot carded would be okay, but it wouldn't make much sense to have a pilot with no ship to fly.

    frankly, i'd rather not support the 'two pilots with different head sculpts' idea because people (especially here) will just moan that the pilots are the too much the same, hasbro isn't doing enough to please us, blah blah blah.

    it was always a neat looking vehicle, but definitely second tier.

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    A Cloud Car would be cool. I'd buy two of them if they were decent re-hashes.

    Does anyone have a picture of a cloud car pilot "the actual character" seen in ESB?
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    I fall into the "I don't care" camp. Make it or don't make it, whatever. It doesn't interest me. Hasbro is having enough trouble getting just the figures on the pegs. Let them focus on that for a while.
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    I voted "NO", if you want one you can get them on ebay for 10-15 bucks loose and if it was made new they would want 19.99 or 29.99 depending on how many figures they release with the ship. Id rather see them focus on playsets like the Battle Arena. Give me a new better Death star

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    Give me a new better Death star

    And that whole thing about they take up too much space and they don't sell,blah blah blah,make it in sections.
    Like they kind of half assed did in the beginning of the POTF2 line.
    Just make like..good ones instead.
    And include a figure with each piece maybe.
    Detention block,trash compactor,power core,hanger.
    And make them connect like the old micro collection.
    That's the best way to do it.
    Trying to do a Death Star in one box unless they went with the old mold would be bad.
    Even using the old mold would suck but that's the only way i could think of them getting a version in one box.
    The Palitoy one is cool becuase it's rare,other than that,it's a piece of crap too.


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    Originally posted by Mandalorian Candidat
    I fall into the "I don't care" camp. Make it or don't make it, whatever. It doesn't interest me.
    I'm afraid I have to agree. Would I buy a new cloud car, yes. But seeing is how the vintage one was so lame, I think Hasbro could only improve it by re-releasing it.
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