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    What will you do if Episode 2 isn't worth rewatching?

    Well, with every passing day Episode 2 comes closer to being yet another box office hit at the theaters and another source of reference for all of us Star Wars lovers and followers. However, after being hyped up for E1 for about 5 years, and then waiting in line to see it for 3 days, and then watching the piece of garbage in the theater, I released, along with others, that Star Wars was no longer the cocky, witty, adventurous, thrilling, and a down right fun experience anymore. It did take a while to sink in, since, I went throw a long stage of denial. But, a year later I realized that I would watch any one of the original trilogy movies 100 times in a row before I had the urge to pop in my Episode 1 tape, and now DVD. So, what if Episode 2 blows it just as bad? As I see it now, I just say to myself, "well, ok, episode 1 wasn't for me, but maybe the next 2 will be since they are going to be very different." What if they aren't people? It is possible you know. Star Wars may loose it's touch for good. As it is, it's slipping and I know you all know it. So, if E2 puts the final blow in the hope of reviving star wars, what will you do?

    Me, I will be selling half of my star wars collection (I have loose figures and packaged of every toy) before e2 is released. If e2 kicks the bucket, I will be selling my second half as well and then imminently proceed to the nearest bucket of acid and dip my head into it.

    What will you do?
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    Personally, I saw little wrong with EP1; but i understand that many people do not like it. However, like you, I have less of an urge to rewatch Ep1 than the OT. So if somehow Ep2 and 3 turn out to be crap then I will simply treat them like I do EU, jettison them from my little version of Star Wars and pretend the phenomenon died out permanently in 1985. Sure, it's denial, but it beats thoughts of suicide.
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    Re: What will you do if Episode 2 isn't worth rewatching?

    Originally posted by Bothan187
    What will you do if Episode 2 isn't worth rewatching?
    Then I won't rewatch it!
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    Episode I was a good movie and I watched it at least six or seven times in theater. Episode II looks above and beyond better than TPM and I'm just talking about the TRAILERS here. Now, I'm not judging AotC on the trailers alone but I can't help it. I watch the trailers over and over again, I just can't get enough. I will see AotC at least 10 times, even if it's the worst film in the series (which I doubt more and more everyday).
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    So far I like all the SW movies even if some parts aren't that good. I believe EII will be a good movie and will be worth watching.
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    I'm confused by your (and now DVD) comment. Did you already have a movie you thought sucked on VHS and then went out and bought the same movie you thought sucked on DVD? So now you have two copies of a movie, by your own admittance, you'll never watch? Don't tell me it's the second disc, because that implies you thought the movie was interesting enough to watch how they made it. Which you don't. Because you said so. Therefore, the rest of your thread is irrelevant because your opinion is now tainted by your idiocy. Perhaps you should dip your head in the acid immediately...

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    I would whip out my THX video tapes of the Classic Trilogy (the pre-SE ones), digitize them, then use the parts of the Special Editions I liked and edit them into those THX versions. Seriously! Heck, maybe I should just do that now no matter what I think of Ep 2, but I just don't have the computer to do it yet.
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    well, i would sit in one of the corners in my room slowly bashing my head into the wall.............
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    re-visitng on video?

    I think that, regardless of the overall quality in comparison to the virtually untouchable OT, I will re-visit this film as I have TPM and will EP3.

    I think the quality of these films surpass a lot of other movies in the sci-fi/fantasy genre as it is. I will avoid repeat viewings of those films and fall back on these for good entertainment. Isn't that really why we are all here in the first place?
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    I liked Ep1 enough to watch it eleven times in the theater, paying every time. So as long as Ep2 and 3 are as good or better than EP1 then I don't see a problem with me accepting it.
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