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    Why are TRUs shelves empty???

    Ive never seen this before, or rather I dont remember seeing this before, where all the toys are litterally gone... He-Man, Star Wars, WWF, Star Trek, all they have are clearance items and very little of them at that... I havent seen anything new on the shelves for about 2 months now and about the only thing they have is a shelf full of Transformers Armada toys that no ones buying anyways... Whats the deal???
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    Well, at least for Star Wars, I believe TRU recalled all the old junk from the stores. So, new stuff should be in soon.
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    I guess they're making room for Clone wars toys. My local TRU still has 3 pegs full of Ketwol, duros, and bespin guard as well as a ton of saga shelf warmers. I think the recall notice somehow slipped by them.

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    I think the recall slipped alot of places by. My area stores are still stocked with pegwarmers. The TRU had 2 pegs of POTJ Zutton. I need some new figures. I am like a junkie who needs his fix.
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    my local tru is still clogged with the old waves when the saga line was put out you might see a new figure here and there but if your lucky that is

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    My TRU has about 20 EMPTY pegs and 15 or so SAGA Boba. It's been this way for months.
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    Originally posted by Jayspawn
    My TRU has about 20 EMPTY pegs and 15 or so SAGA Boba. It's been this way for months.
    Sadly mine too, nothing more depressing than seeing the same old stuff just sitting there, not being blown out.
    I dont even bother going through them cause I know there is no chance of a new item.

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    My Toys R Us mgr. in Md said he sent back 200 figures...and the section is still a wall o' Lott Dodd & Boba Fetts.
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    I was at the Northland TRU in Columbus, OH last Sunday and there was nothing but crap on the pegs. Not that I think any of these figures are crap, it's just that they have been out there forever! They had a ton of Preview Zam Wessells, Royal Guards, Nikto Jedi and a lot of the other "minor" characters from the first two waves of SAGA figures. Weird.
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    I live near colombus, ohio and they never have anything. some of there targets kick ***. but thats it. TRU still has pegwarmers. Maybe a couple have sent back stuff. But there eithere empty or full of nothing if that makes any since
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