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    I got a Gamecube on launch day. I really like it. I bought Rogue Leader which is awesome. I also really like Super Monkey Ball. My girlfriend and I play it a lot. It's great fun. The multi-player modes are good as well. I just wish the controller was a little bigger.

    As far as the X-Box goes, I am pleasedd with it as well. I think Halo is one of the best games that I have ever had the honor of playing. There is something so rewarding about sticking a grenade on someone's face and watching them run around helpless. Everything about that game is superb. My only gripe about the X-Box is the controller. The buttons are too close together and are difficult to find and tell apart.

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    Did Utini just take a poetry class in his High School? Maybe this is homework.

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    Originally posted by stillakid
    Did Utini just take a poetry class in his High School? Maybe this is homework.
    He doesn't sound intelligent enough to even be in high school yet.

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    Creepy, creepy

    Well I got my Gamecube on launch...luckily.
    I only have RL but Smash Brothers Melee is looking mighty sweet for purchase.

    What do you have when the game is over?
    Alot of mighty fine memories actually.

    Hee hee, Utinni is sounding like SSG's personal Oompa Loompa.
    "Two in the box, ready to go, we be fast, and they be slow!"
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    I picked up Super Smash Brothers Melee, it is an excellent title as well.

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    I'm getting a GameCube and Rogue Leader on the 3rd, they're in lay-a-way at Wal-Mart now so I don't have to worry about any Sold Out signs.
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    Well, just bought a Gamecube and Rogue Leader yesterday and I must say I am very happy with the game. My only gripe is my skill at video games. I have none!! This game is a little too hard for me right now. I can't even get past the first level! How do you make it through the Death Star Trench without a TIE Fighter coming up from behind and blowing you to smithereens?

    More important, does anyone have cheat codes for infinite lives, infinite shields and opening all levels? It'd make the game much less frustrating for me.

    I think my next game purchase will be Pikmin. It seems just bizarre and quirky enough to keep my interest.

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    When those TIEs come up behind you, just loop up and behind them and blast them. That's the easiest way to do it, you don't have to stay in the trench.

    Pikmin is indeed an excellent and wierd game. I highly recomend it.

    What is up with this "Utinni" stuff? Some posts refer to him but I've never seen a post by him.
    "Watch this, I'm going to horrify you into a coma..."

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    big barada,

    like wolfwood said, just slam on the brakes when the ties come up behind you, let them pass, then blast away!


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