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    Star Wars comics you'd like to see

    Whatever you want: stories that need to be told in your opinion. Here's some of my most wanted:

    1. Zorba the Hutt's Revenge: We know that the horrid kids' books weren't completely invalidated, but we know there's no way events could've gone done as described in these books. A 6-part mini-series would be perfect for telling us exactly what Lucasfilm's official stance is on this, instead of giving us hints in reference works.

    2. The Ssi-Ruuk War: Shortly after Truce at Bakura, New Republic warships attacked the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium, only to find them nearly beaten by the Chiss. However, there was still some extended fighting (referred to in Force Heretic: Refugee). This series could clue us in on what happened. More importantly, it would give us some good images of the Ssi-Ruuk, who have so far only been portrayed in a few reference works and the hideous cover to Refugee.

    3. Ewoks: We got Droids a few years ago, how about an update to the other (more successful) 80s cartoon spinoff? :happy:

    4. Madine: This guy's story has been given in incomplete bits and pieces. I'd much rather see a complete story about him than "Darklighter."

    5. The Battle of Tanaab: If they're going to devote a story to every throwaway line in the films, this is the one I want to see!
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    E3 theory: Darth Vader pledges to serve Palpatine loyally as long as Obi-Wan is allowed to go into exile and protect Luke, so long as they do not interfere in the Empire.

    Palpatine wants Vader's loyalty, but won't take any chances.

    He discreetly comes up with an insidious plan:

    Obi-Wan was close friends with a red-head he grew up with in the Jedi Temple: Siri Taichi. He would be loyal to her or give the benefit of the doubt to any relative of hers.

    Siri had a daughter, perhaps without marrying, since it is forbidden for the Jedi to marry, but it is not forbidden for them to have sex. Generally though, having children is discouraged, but the Clone Wars turned everything upside down.

    Palpatine can make use of Siri's daughter, as Obi-Wan would not want to destroy her.

    She would be the perfect weapon to train and hone to kill Luke Skywalker, able to get by Obi-Wan Kenobi, and never be suspected by Darth Vader, or a naive Luke that as a lonely adolescent, wouldn't have his guard up against her.

    So could Siri Taichi have a daughter that we now know as Mara Jade-Skywalker?

    That would be an interesting twist!
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    If we're talking published novels, here goes:
    The AC Crispin Han Solo trilogy (wanna see Han freeing Chewie, winning the Falcon)
    The Armor Wars trilogy (maybe then it will make sense)
    The first 6 books of Young Jedi Knights series
    Tales of the Bounty Hunters (especially Fett vs. Han, flashback too)

    If we're talking storylines, then:
    More "recent" old Jedi-Sith stories (maybe only 1100 yrs before ANH)
    Palpatine building up the Empire (mainly weapons and troops)
    The Chiss
    The Hapes Cluster
    The Corporate Sector (the Horns, Han, Gallandro, et al)
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