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    Are there any playsets out there anyone wants?

    Here are a few I thunk up

    1 Tatooine Attack- The Tusken Raider homestead thing with a few of those tents

    2 A halway from the Tantive IV- If we can't get the ship then why not have stuff for diorama's

    3 Yavin Conference room- Hey Dodanna needs a home now!

    4 ROTJ conference room- I always liked the big Endor and Deathstar II holograms and look how good they're dooing with the Geneosion room!

    5 Star Destroyer Bridge- I alwaysed loved this also, gives a place for Vader to hang out and would go great with a lot of dioramas out there

    6 Death Star conference room- I heard a cool Idea about this earlier with connecting sections that came with different imperials from that scene
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    This post has links to previous playset threads. Most of them are in the Dear Hasbro section.

    Obviously, there is a demand for playsets, but Hasbro isn't listening.
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    OR... they aren't thinking at all!
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