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    Anyone playing this with a dial-up connection?

    And how is it working out? Is it painfully slow, or do I have to finally break down and get a broadband connection to really enjoy this game?
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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    Actually, my network card died, and I have been playing on dialup the last week and a half. Other than downloading patches, I have noticed little to no difference in playing the game itself. It should be fine for anyone with dialup.
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    Well that'll send me over the edge. Guess I'll see everyone soon!
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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    Don't forget to post your character name, location, server, etc when you get online. And make sure you go to Chilastra if you can.

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    I haven't really had any problems w/ the dial up either.

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    got paid i bought a new video card, some more memory and star wars galaxies. :happy:

    my initial impressions of this game are kinda mixed.........the graphics are super, i love the way my character runs, it looks like they used actual motion capture images of real people running............and the landscape is beautiful.

    but a few things have me disapointed. i really don't like the combat function. correct me if i'm wrong, but my character fights automatically? that's no fun! .............and i think i've only met one real person so far..........i guess all the imperial officers and most locals are computer controlled?

    i'm on the Chilastra server, but i'm on corellia, as i was not allowed to go to tatooine or naboo.........i guess they are too crowded???

    i've never played one of these games what am i supposd to do? run errands for others? explore the countryside?

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    Well derek since you are new to these types of games I'll let you know something...not a MMORPG exists where there is twitch aka FPS style combat. SWG will eventually have it though, but only in space. So if your not used to it, it can be quite a change but the game is great so it won't matter eventually.

    As for what to do, SWG lets you do pretty much anything you want, but I'll break it down as simply as I can. You can be a fighter, an entertainer, or a crafter. So ask yourself what you want to do, feel like beating things up play as a marksman or brawler. Feel like sitting in a cantina all day dancing or playing music, be an entertainer. Feel like finding resources and then crafting pretty much anything you can think of, be an artisan.

    But I would say that one is really missing out on combat if they don't take that least a little bit. It's really where the bulk of the game is. So I suggest taking marksman and running around the city you started in blasting the creatures you see. Also the manual is really helpful I find, or check the holocron in game by hitting ctrl+h.

    Most importantly though, have fun, and I hope I see you in game.

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    I hated the combat as well at first, but I got used to it after awhile.

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    this game is pretty cool, but i really doubt i'll continue to pay $15 a month to play it. if the combat system was more hands on, and if we had vehicles like speeders and starships i'd definately stick around, but as it stands now, i don't know if this is my kind of game, running errands, standing around in a bar and wondering around lost in the woods.......especially when it costs $15 a month to play!

    maybe if it were a few bucks i'd reconsider, maybe like $20 a year.............i'd really like a combat system like "legend of zelda: ocreana of time" had which allowed you to controll the combat.

    too bad they don't have an option for folks who prefer a more action based game, which would let people like me be a rebel trooper, stormtrooper or sand person from the start and immediately get into battles/raids on settlements.

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    I understand how you feel derek. Perhaps if you played again when such features are enabled? The downside to that is you wouldn't be able to afford a speeder or whatever since you wouldn't have earned the money. But hey, when I'm a creature trainer, and mounts are enabled, I'll give you a discount on an animal you can ride on.


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