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    ( shakes off the dust ) Guess who made marksman?! yup. Me. Pretty cool. My mission levels went up a few pts, and the credits are a bit more now. Im working on my pistoleer now, and thinking of taking up Bounty Hunter as well.. Not too many skill pts left, but I have no issues with dropping a most of my entertainer if needed.
    I've also since lost YET ANOTHER personal assistant.. it happens. Still have not finished my armor. need the biceps and Im done. Shouldnt be too hard now as the faction pts are a bit better now that Im a bit stronger.
    Havent heard hair nor hide from you guys.. What gives?
    Anyhow - send me a tell in game.. love to get a hunting party together at least once..
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Salsa Shark.. I think were gonna need a bigger boat..[/FONT]

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    I'm only every night. No specific time though. I gotta log in to make sure my extractors don't turn off and start collecting maintenance fees.

    I'm still working toward novice architect. Takes quite a long time.

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    Welp, I'm now a Novice Architect. Whats this mean? Well, I can make small houses (a couple of layouts - tattooine, corellia, naboo only), some furniture, pretty much all of the personal extractors, basic weapons (all crap), some weapon mods, bone armor, and some droid parts.

    The best is the small house part. I already built one. At first it seemed hard, but its actually quite easy. I just need to build up some resource extractors so I have a good supply. And man do they give XP. I'll have all of the housing levels in a matter of weeks hopefully. Not sure on the others.

    If you need a house, send me a mail in the game.

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    Well I just bought the software. Look for someone named scruffziller or something of the like. I think I'll be a Wookie!!!!!! Apropriate with my name...........
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    congrats! look me up when your on. Control P brings up an interface allowing you to edit who you can see when they are on-line. throw in our names and youll be able to see when we are all online. Then let the adventures begin! enjoy!
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Salsa Shark.. I think were gonna need a bigger boat..[/FONT]

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    I look like an abominable snowman wookie!!!!!!
    I am on Corellia somewhere, it looked pretty cool.
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    Congrats on the purchase of the software and welcome to SWG.

    Update on things in SWG....

    I've gotten to Novice Architect so I can build small houses. I'm very close to getting level 1 of the housing skills as an Architect. That will give me even more furniture and small house styles to build.

    Also, all this month they are trickling updates to us that will eventually give us the ability to have player cities and creature mounts. With that, I think we need to decide on a planet/location for our SSG city. I don't think that a PA Hall is required, but the houses do all need to be near each other. And I would rather we get all the houses in a location that isn't near others so that we can create our own city without being smothered by tons of surrounding houses from unknown people. IMO, Naboo and Corellia seem to have the best landscapes to have a city. However, Naboo is the better Imperial planet of the two (which we should take in mind since I believe everyone in the SSG-SWG crew here is an Imp). Corellia is considered neutral I believe. Tattooine is another candidate although its quite empty with little scenery. I haven't been to any other planets besides those, but don't consider them counted out. Everyone's vote will count. So lets get voting on this before its too late.

    My vote (as stated above) -> Corellia or Naboo....preferably near the water, but being away from everyone else takes priority over being near water.

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    I got off Corellia and went to Naboo. Try to get bettter opportunities there or something. Man I have definetly caught that disease where you can't leave the computer while playing these games. The EverQuest virus.....
    I am going now, 23 hours with no sleep.
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    Well....some bad news and some regular news....

    Bad news - We will likely not get the chance to have our own Player City. Right now its being limited to 10 on smaller worlds and 25 on larger worlds. Also its on a first come first server basis. And from what I understand, you need a PA Hall and more than 10 people in the guild. It has alot of people upset at Sony for these limits since I've read about 2 people who (with their friends) had been working towards and hoping for having their own Player City, and now they won't get one. We can still build up to having our own little unofficial city and then when the cap gets raised we can immediately take a spot.

    As it stands, in 1 week Player Cities and Creature Mounts will be useable features in the game, and I won't have the ability to build a PA Hall before then. Our only hope is to get a Master Architect to build us a PA Hall and then form a guild REALLY fast with like 15 members. If anyone is up for this short-notice challenge, lemme know ASAP.

    Regular news - The first Force Slot was opened early this week or last week. so far its the only one. And apparently Sony somewhat lied to us. It IS a random chance, however the Jedi/Sith Holocrons point you in the right direction. Apparently Sony wasn't happy with how long it was taking to get a Force Slot opened. So they released the holocrons as a hint as to what you need to do. Basically it tells you the profession you are suppose to master (Which is different for each person. It was basically chosen at random when you created your character...thats my understanding anyways.).

    So if you want to have a Jedi character, just get yourself a holocron and master the profession it tells you that you need to master. My teacher at school told me he got a holocron that told him to master Bounty Hunter. Lucky SOB was only 1 or 2 skill levels away from mastering Bounty Hunter. But I've heard of people being Master Marksmen or whatever and it would tell them they need to become a Master Architect. BTW, for those who are curious, finding a dropped holocron is amazingly difficult and only found on the larger creatures. As for buying one, its either ~$100 on eBay or 2 million credits in the game.

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    Oops. I guess the minimum amount of people to start a city is 50. So we can basically just forget the idea unless we find another guild or whatever that would like to start a city together.

    That or we can build up and wait til they open more spots on other or new planets (new planets when the space expansion comes out). Or we can just find a blank area that isn't being used on one of the planets and just start a planned unofficial city. When I say planned, I mean we take the time to lay out the houses and such to resemble a city and such.

    Also, I think the patch is done and now working so Player Cities are already being created and players can now use mounts on creatures. I could be wrong though.


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