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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_evazan22
    I was at the banking term with my safe deposit box, and crafting and crap. basically not paying attention. I look down and see some red dots coming towards me. I got fried befroe I could get everything closed up and fire. What helped (them) was that there was some lag, at least on my end. Drives me crazy!

    I was on Rori and ended up getting all teh XP I needed for Smuggler, my Holo profession. Came back to Theed and picked up that profession. When I got there, I had noticed a red dot. Pulled up a stormie and charged. I think they guy was minding his own business too. He hesitated before responding. A couple of bleeds, a bunch of health shots, and 30 FP! I feel vindicated.

    I also bought another house, a med generic style. I ended up putting it right outside Fooville. Tony, if you look out your front door, justa little to your right, there I am. I put it outside Fooville because I wasn't going to declare it as my main res.

    So, now that I have smuggler, LMK if you guys need things sliced. I think I have about 10 locked containers to work on. Did one successfully already. Hey Tony, when I get some spices made up, can I put some on your vendor, or add a vendor?
    Yea if I am on overt status I am most certainly keeping my Stormie Assault Commando out along with my rancor. Especially if in a city.
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    Here is me in action as a Commando with my new baby.....NY FLAMETHROWER!!!
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    Finally picked up the game today. My girl got me a graphics card for Valentine's day. I started on the Chilastra server. My characters name is James Nokomis. I am currently on tattooine. Give me a shout if you see me
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    Hi. I am agetting ready to buy swg but I had a few questions. 1 how much is it per month. 2 is it worth getting if you only have dial up. 3 What size video card should I get (they have a 64mb one at WalMart $59.99 ) 4 Is my girlfriend going to leave me after I get it.
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    Greetings brothas -

    1st off, Welcome to galaxies Green Goblin. I hope you enjoy your stay.
    Most of us.. ok, two of us, hang out on Naboo semi close to Theed in the city of Foo.. Ill look you up or you can look us up if you need any assistance... tonysmo in game.. or you can look up Gandhi'too.. The good Dr. is very helpful as well.

    As your question Real Luke, 1st off, dial up shouldnt matter.. I think a few others may be using it, but I cant confirm that. A 64 meg card should be ok.. certainly not ideal. but hey, you can only do so much.. and 64 megs worked for me.. The price is $15 a month I think.. you can buy game cards now as well if you want to go that route, as not to charge it each time.. As for your girlfriend leaving you.. well.. depends on your priorities now doesnt it? The game is fun. Very fun to me in fact.. but when the honey calls, there are certain things you drop.. this is one of them. As with anything in life, everything needs a certain amount of attention - Hope to see you in game!

    Chilastra server..
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    ... and thats a kick butt screenie there scruff.. You really need to hang out on the chilly server,.., we could use a commando like yourself.. The rebellion is on its toes with the Imperial Crackdown..
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    I have been reading the previous posts on this thread and decided to go get the game when I wake up in the morning. I actually want go get it now but I don't feel like installing the card tonight. I haven't ever done anything to a comp. are they hard to install? Also I saw a few people say they had to upgrade their RAM . How can I check if I have to before I go buy the game so I can get everything I need.

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    Depends on your PC.. If youve never cracked the case, Id invite over a friend that has.. while upgrading a card isnt really rocket science, if you've never done it - it could be tricky. Ill assume by your post of not doing anything to your pc that youve never even seen the insides of a pc.. If you have, then Im sorry for going through all the stuff you already may know,. ( just coverin my bases here.. )

    to start - figure out what you have, in regards to memory n such. Right click your my computer Icon, there you should find information on the general tab, your memory ( how much you have ) will be listed there.

    Hopefully you have an easy case to open. if you have two screws and the side slides off.. consider yourself golden. If you have to unscrew 4 screws and slide the whole case of the chassie then you may want something to calm your nerves.. those type of cases suck.. just tricky to get back on.

    inside your case youll see your mother board, processor, and butt load of cables and all the little cards attached to it. you should noticed where your monitor plugs in.. thats the card of course youll be switchin out. unscrew it ( make sure of course your not powered up, unplug the whole dang thing.. no power! and make sure your monitor is not still hooked up to it.. ) then once you have the screw out pull that card out of the slot. put in the new card carefully - screw it back down.

    as for your memory - if you go to replace it. my suggestion again, if your not sure, is to take the memory with you. you should see 2 to 3 slots, one should be filled with a memory chip, unsnap both sides and pull it out. the reason I suggest taking it with you, is depending on your system ( mother board ) you may be using pc100 - so you dont want to buy a stick of the wrong stuff.. slap the new stick back in there.. and if its compatible ( should be ) slap both sticks back in there..

    re-plug everything, boot it up. delete old video card drivers - install new ones.. the PC should detect the memory changes all depending on your operating system of course..

    that of course is if nothing goes wrong.. youll need to know your processor speed, your power supply watts, and your hard drive space..

    the 1st two are for compatibilty issues.. no sense in getting a nice video card if youve got a PII or something like that - youd be better off getting a new pc. check your power supply to see if the watts can handle a bigger card.. etc.

    as for your hard drive, the game takes over a gig of space.. I havent looked lately, but with all the patches, I may be close to 2 gigs.. just a warning if you have limited space..

    hope all that makes sense, hope I didnt talk over your head or offend you cause you may know all of this.. if you have any questions though, just lemme know.

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    Free space C drive= 24.8 gb / D drive=710 mb . I am not like an ogre or anything I have a little experience with electronics so I am sure I can handle it. I am going to re read tonysmo's video card tutorial and give it a whirl. Hopefully see some of you guys today (in-game). I work at home from my PC so I will probably be playing a lot. Thanks for the help!!

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    Well I got the game, got the video card, ugraded the RAM, now I only have 2 hours left to download the patch. Is this normal or just because it is the first time and have missed alot of updates? It is a 6 hour download total. I hate dialup. I might as well upgrade my ISP to. Maybe next week.


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