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    Re: SSG SW Galaxies Clan

    Thanks, I bought a new one yesterday though.

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    Re: SSG SW Galaxies Clan

    Well, Alura is near Master Dancer. She has the AP needed to get Master Dancer, just gotta get the last 8 skills needed (level 3 and 4 of each type).

    Right now she is Novice Dancer 2-2-2-2 with nearly enough xp to get level 3 on 2 of them. Should have Master Dancer by mid week or atleast by end of week.

    Joeseph has been side-lined til Alura is done. And I'm making Joeseph continue towards the marksman professions. Alura will take up Tera Kasi since shes already good at one-handed.

    BTW, if you want to visit her, she's at the Theed Cantina macro-dancing.

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    Re: SSG SW Galaxies Clan

    I talked to some dude the other day that said he got so mad when he didn't obtain Jedi after 8 masteries that through his game CD-Roms of SWG into the microwave turned it on high, took them out, smashed them with a hammer, dumped the contents into an envelope and sent them to the company with a nasty letter. He was working on dancer on another friends account and was thinking of coming back because of the new Jedi revamp.
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    Re: SSG SW Galaxies Clan

    We need more mentally stable people like that guy to play the game.

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    Re: SSG SW Galaxies Clan

    Dont know if you gents have seen this yet, but its a very well done video of our favorite game.
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    Re: SSG SW Galaxies Clan

    Yeah, I've seen that video. Its quite amusing and pretty well done.

    BTW, character update...

    Alura is now MASTER DANCER!

    Just ubtained it today. Now to master Tera Kasi.

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    Re: SSG SW Galaxies Clan

    Congrats Alura!

    Smo - that movie was pretty funny. I think I'll pass it along to a couple people.

    I kinda forget who ofered the skill tape / armor attachment, but Carbineer is on the backburner for now, as I'm going for Master Commando right now (2010). I'll probably need to drop Carb, and maybe even some TK to get it. Thanks tho.

    I may have a rifle skill enhancer tho, back at the house. Nexttime I go I can check it out.
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    Re: SSG SW Galaxies Clan

    Smo that video was kickin'!!!! I wanna try to find a program that will let me film SWG like that but don't know what will?
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    Re: SSG SW Galaxies Clan

    Yay, both Joeseph and Alura are members of IFC guild. Got Alura in last night after we went on a large group hunt for rebels and jedi (we had like 30+ people easily in 2+ groups). We also added like 2 others to IFC last night. Might be more added since I logged off though. I think the total was 122 members before I logged.

    And I'm also well on my way to TKM. I'm hoping to get to Novice TK or atleast have gained Unarmed 4 before I'm done tonight. Anyone wants to go running around, catch me in game.

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    Re: SSG SW Galaxies Clan

    I think I may grind out weaponsmith to get me that much closer to jedi. As well as clearing out some space in my inventory. That and I can make some decent cash as well
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