JJB and I were talking, and we really want to coordinate a group of people who are going to play SW Galaxies.

We want to all be on the same server so we can all play together, help each other out, and become a dominant clan in the Galaxies community.

First thing we need to do is all agree on a server to play on.

I found the server list on the official site today.

1. Ahazi US West Coast
2. Bloodfin US East Coast
3. Bria US West Coast - Currently the Beta Server
4. Chilastra US East Coast
5. Corbantis US West Coast
6. Eclipse US East Coast
7. Flurry US West Coast
8. Gorath US East Coast
9. Intrepid US West Coast
10. Kauri US East Coast
11. Kettemoor US West Coast
12. Lowca US East Coast
13. Naritus US West Coast
14. Radiant US East Coast
15. Scylla US West Coast
16. Starsider US East Coast
17. Sunrunner US West Coast
18. Tarquinas US East Coast
19. Valcyn US West Coast
20. Wanderhome US East Coast

So we need to agree which one to use when we sign up.

Also, I assume we would need to name the clan too.

Anyway, I hope you are all interested, and we can have a great time in Galaxies. I am very much looking forward to it!