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    SSG SW Galaxies Clan


    JJB and I were talking, and we really want to coordinate a group of people who are going to play SW Galaxies.

    We want to all be on the same server so we can all play together, help each other out, and become a dominant clan in the Galaxies community.

    First thing we need to do is all agree on a server to play on.

    I found the server list on the official site today.

    1. Ahazi US West Coast
    2. Bloodfin US East Coast
    3. Bria US West Coast - Currently the Beta Server
    4. Chilastra US East Coast
    5. Corbantis US West Coast
    6. Eclipse US East Coast
    7. Flurry US West Coast
    8. Gorath US East Coast
    9. Intrepid US West Coast
    10. Kauri US East Coast
    11. Kettemoor US West Coast
    12. Lowca US East Coast
    13. Naritus US West Coast
    14. Radiant US East Coast
    15. Scylla US West Coast
    16. Starsider US East Coast
    17. Sunrunner US West Coast
    18. Tarquinas US East Coast
    19. Valcyn US West Coast
    20. Wanderhome US East Coast

    So we need to agree which one to use when we sign up.

    Also, I assume we would need to name the clan too.

    Anyway, I hope you are all interested, and we can have a great time in Galaxies. I am very much looking forward to it!
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    I have a few questions....

    First thing what is the difference between all those up there?

    Second does anyone know what the online gaming fee is going to be?

    I have wanted to get this game for a long time but if the fee is too high then I'd rather not...
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    Thanks for finding the info, LIMP. I was looking for them to release the server names today. You beat me to it. I assume we should just go for the one that seems to be moderatly busy. So that we have some non-SSG's to play with also. Not that that should be much of a problem with the numbers they are reporting for pre-sales.

    Here's the gaming fees, from StarWars.Com.

    At launch Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided will offer four subscription plan options: Month-to-month - $14.99; three months - $14.00 per month; six months - $13.00 per month; and 12 months - $12.00 per month. By subscribing to any of the latter three plans, players can expect savings of up to 20 percent over the month-to-month rate.

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    This just in, the NDA will drop at Midnight tonight. So we'll be able to discuss more on exactly what we might be doing with our characters then. But we could start trying to come up with a clan name and what species we're going to play. Limp and myself were figuring independents as well, since it would be hard to ally up if some of us were Imps and some were Rebs.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    Yeah, I am figuring, at least right now....thatI will want to be a neutral human. A smuggler perhaps.

    But, we'll see once we get more information on the game soon.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    i really want to play this game, so much that i'm getting a new video card and more memory so i'll meet the requirements.

    but i'm really new to online role playing games. my online multiplayer experiences are limited to medal of honor and other first person shooters.

    so, LIMP, and jar jar, could you guys explain what you guys are talking about?

    how would all this work? (servers, clans, dominating, species, etc...)


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    Basically it's a MMORPG - Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game. If you ever played any of the RPG books, just take that and make it a computer game.

    The current Eight playable races are - Humans, Wookies, Mon Calamari, Rodians, Twi'lek, Trandoshan, Bothan, and Zabrak. More species will be added with expansions, is the current plan.

    Now, each species has strengths and weaknesses. I can't really discuss them much, due to the NDA. But just think of what you have seen in the movies, as far as like Wookie strengths and weaknesses. Humans will be the best 'all around' characters. As they have more options to advance, being the more commen species.

    All the above servers are exact copies of each other. They make serveral different ones, so as to not overwhelm certain worlds with players and cause lag. We'll probably want to pick one somewhere in the middle once the game comes out. Because to few players is as bad as too many.

    Clans are just groups of friends, that band together to help each other. If it's like Asheron's Call, the larger your "Clan" the more perks your allowed. Such as mansions. Not that things are the same in Galaxies, as the NDA makes me unable to say much.

    For the best source of info, check out the official site and it's FAQ files and boards.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    More up to date info on the servers from one of the Public Relation Folks for Star Wars Galaxies.
    The game is built such that we don’t want to segment the population too much so at this time we do not have an “official” PVP or RPG or German etc. Galaxy. That of course doesn’t stop you all from having “unofficial” servers.

    For example, many fans are promoting:

    Ahazi - US West Coast
    Bloodfin - US East Coast - unofficial PVP server (
    Bria - US West Coast
    Chilastra - US East Coast
    Corbantis - US West Coast
    Eclipse - US East Coast – unofficial UK player server
    Flurry - US West Coast
    Gorath - US East Coast – unofficial German player server
    Intrepid - US West Coast
    Kauri - US East Coast – unofficial French player server
    Kettemoor - US West Coast
    Lowca - US East Coast
    Naritus - US West Coast
    Radiant - US East Coast
    Scylla - US West Coast
    Starsider - US East Coast – unofficial RPG server
    Sunrunner - US West Coast - unofficial RPG server
    Tarquinas - US East Coast
    Valcyn - US West Coast - unofficial PVP server (
    Wanderhome - US East Coast

    While I recommend you play on any server you choose, it’s important to let you know what large communities are moving in. What ones have I missed in this list?

    -Kevin O'Hara
    Community Relations Manager
    Oh and also note, that they are not going to open all 20 servers at once. Only the first 10 (alphabetically) will be up on release day, and more will come on line as needed afterwards in alphabetical order.

    MTFBWY and HH!!
    Jar Jar Binks
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    I am currently in the Beta and t minus 2 hours till end of NDA. Buy the game and you wont be dissapointed. Thats all i will say for now

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    Hi there.
    Like everyone here, I'm greatly looking forward to this release, and being a visitor to SSG for quite some time, I like this idea a lot.

    I have little exp. with MMORPG's, but quite familiar with gaming in general. Will this be a hinderance to the 'clan'?

    Also, I live in Australia, so should I be forgetting about all this now, due to the possible lag I will bring connecting to a server in the US?
    I have broadband, but don't know if that would do it...



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