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    Man I can't wait . . .
    I myself will be a Wookiee, and if we are all neutral, perhaps a bounty hunter. But I'm hoping to unlock the Jedi!
    However, I might not use the one everyone else on SSG is, cause I'm in Colorado and sometimes my AOL messes up. I'll try it and see how it goes.
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    This should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: If you don't have DSL or Cable, don't bother wasting money on this game. Because that's exactly what you'll do - waste your money.

    The through-put on this game is steady and playable with DSL and Cable, but I've tried it with an ISDN and if ISDN won't run it playably, a dial up sure won't.


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    Originally posted by Teeska Mon Eebon
    What's in the Collectors edition? I saw it on pre-order but I didn't want to blow 30 bucks on a fancy box that I'm going to trow away...
    You get an autographed collector's copy of the instruction manual. A concept art book for the game. A sew-on patch with the Star Wars Galaxies Logo. A Pin with the Star Wars Galaxies Logo. And a pewter figure of a female Zabrak. And last but not least, and exclusive in-game wearable. In this case, glasses/goggles. There are no other eyewear coded into the game yet, so people with the Collector's Edition have somthing to brag about. Here's the three styles. Note that they do resize and look differnt depending on the species that wears them. And you choose the tint and color of the lenses, etc.

    Eyewear #1
    Eyewear #2
    Eyewear #3
    Eyewear Basic Design

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    I'm very excited about this game coming out and would love to be part of a SSG clan. It does make sense that we are all neutral. Ive been thinking about being a Twi'lek.
    I have no opinion on which server we should be on so I will leave it up to Jarjar and others of the group. Just let me know.

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    I went to LucasArts to pre-order and it said something about it only being for North america right now. I mention that b/c someone from Australia had responded. Will it be country specific?

    On the Q&A, Kevin quoted someone as saying they already had 2 copies and would possibly buy a 3rd. Why buy more than 1? Do you need to have more then 1 for additional characters?
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    Hey everyone. I saw the news about forming a clan and I'd definitely like to take part. I never bothered with any other MMORPG's since I've been waiting three years for Galaxies so having some other friends to learn with sounds great.

    Don;t know if I'll bother with the Delux edition though. The exclusive item was the only thing that interested me and since they are all only goggles, I'd rather spend the money upgrading my RAM fior the game.
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    I plan on buying this game, eventually. Right now, I'm still on dail-up and it doesn't sound like that's going to work. (Even though I read a release saying that it was suppose to.)

    So when I do get back to DSL or cable, will I still be able to jump into the SSG group? I might be behind everyone else but it's just not in the budget right now.
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    People in beta are playing on dial-up. I know people who are. The only reason it's bad for beta, is cause they are stressing the beta server with tons of people.

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    You can join us whenever you want.

    Just check let us know when you are ready so we can make sure you are on the same server as us.

    I believe I will be going with the regular version myself.

    With less people on each server, it should be a little better for dialup.
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    I'm on the beta and have been since last November. Its quite a good game.

    I will be going Twi'Lek for my first character, main reason is cuz I like the look of the Twi'Lek female (especially for a Jedi ). Other is because of this little tid bit which many of you will be interested in knowing....

    ...NO ONE can have the same first name. Now isn't that a lovely feature? I found this out because I had a Twi'Lek brawler in beta with a name I MADE UP. The wipe characters every so often, and when I went back to remake my character, it said the name was in use. I tried different last names and it said the same thing. Went searching the site and found out that it won't allow the same first name for any characters. Thats a pile of crap if you ask me. And trust me, my name isn't one that is often used. Heck, I doubt anyone else thought of using this name...instead I bet it was stolen after the wipe.

    Oh well, if you're worried about your name being taken, better get the game early and create your character fast. I plan to buy it and be in the game within the first hour its released JUST to be sure.

    BTW, I would love to join the SSG clan. I haven't been on here in awhile, but thats because I've taken a break from being over-flowed with SW info. With the game coming out and SSG starting a clan, I'll probably be browsing the forums every so often.


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