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    This is a great idea! I'm deffinatly in. I haven't decided what species to be yet though. I hope we can come to a diffinite answer to which server we will all play on soon, so I make sure I sign up for the right one. Just one more week!

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    You can have one character on each server so if you join the wrong one you can just create a new character on the correct server.

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    I think you limited to 2 or 3 characters in total. And like MrMet said, you can only have 1 character per server.

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    I probably should've asked this before, but how much does it initially cost, and will it be available at any old store like Target or Wal-Mart?
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    I believe the standard version is around $49.99. The deluxe version is around $79.99.

    I pre-ordered my regular version from They actually ship the day before release, so I should have it release day.

    Only a few more days! In fact, It should ship tomorrow!

    I can't wait......and I am still working on a name for my character. But I am going to be a human.

    Are we still looking at using the Chilastra server?
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    I would love to play with everyone from here for I won't be getting the game right away, but soon, I'll play on whatever server you all pick when the time comes!

    I'm really excited to play this game!! WOOHOO!
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    Long time lurker, first time poster. Expressing my interest to join the clan that you guys are working on. Chilastra server sounds fine to me, I can't remember them all but that one will definitely be up for launch.

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    What's the official name of the clan going to be? I'd sugges it be SSG - Sir Steve's Guild

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    Good one mrmiller!

    I am for that if everyone else is!
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    SSG sounds good!

    Another question I hope someone can help w/:
    If your character dies, can you create another? Is there a fee?

    I guess I'll find out in a day or two...
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