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    It's the 26th now, here in Australia, so you lot will all be out shopping/picking up your copies.

    I cannot afford to join yet, but certainly plan on being a member of SSGuild (good one!)

    To any beta testers out there, can anyone give me an approximation of the data usage of say an hours average play?

    I ask because I am on broadband, but broadband is quite expensive here in Aus, and I have a 3GB limit. I'm guessing 3GB is plenty for the game, but I also do a lot of other stuff....

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    dr_evazan22...If your character dies, he gets transported to the nearest cloning facility. Only one character per server, so you can't create another without deleting the first one. There is no permadeath if that's what you meant, well except for Jedi.

    scronkey...Beta's over sadly, but I'm not sure I can help with your question. I never really knew if there was a way to check your system's performance. Wish I could be more helpful.

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    So who's the leader of our gang of misfits? I'd like to know if some friends of mine could be allowed in, although they don't post on SSG.

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    I'm for SSG as well. Since we've got the Master Chief (Steve himself) backing the clan.

    Leaders - We haven't designated a an official 'leader' yet. I suggest we go for more of a democracy with a ruling council instead of one person being designated a 'leader'. I don't want it being too political. After playing Asheron's Call for 3+ years, I can tell you that IG politics can majorly suck.

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    Well, my game just arrived by FedEx! So I am going to give it a whirl! I'll give an update in a little while.

    As fas as leaders, I think we have to choose SOMEONE to create most cases, a person has to create the guild. We'll find out tonight I guess.
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    Well....I am trying to play....they finally got the servers up around noon, but now trying to register is taking....well, forever......
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    Same here. Got the game at like 11am and I'm STILL trying to get past the subscription process (its 1:10pm if your wondering).

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    Well, I had to give up and go to work

    I won't be hom till midnight to play it, but hopefully they will have the server issue taken care of by then....
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    I got home around 3 to find my game waiting for me, but I can't register either. I'll keep trying though. To keep things organized post your character's name when it's created. See you all in game.

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    Can anyone register yet?


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