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    Well I managed to meet up with Mando...pthfnder 89 I think everyone is in Mos Eisley right now. (Mando was but he didnt know it, heh) I'll add your name to my friends list and check around for you.

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    Originally posted by Udem
    pthfnder 89 I think everyone is in Mos Eisley right now. (Mando was but he didnt know it, heh) I'll add your name to my friends list and check around for you.
    Good to know. I tried to get into Mos Eisley but I couldn't, so I've been stuck at Betsin. I need to take a page from JarJar and read through the manual so I know how to do useful things like use a buddy list
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    I met up with Tracker (Udem) in the game. So far my friend list has: Tracker, Mando, Joss, and Gryll.

    To get to the friend list, hit CTRL+P. Then click the friends tab. To add people, just type the first name in the text box at the bottom and hit "add".

    So far the SSG group friend list should have:


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    Does anyone know how to create a guild in the game yet???
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    Im not exactly sure about the guild thing, but what I do know is that it takes a master architect to build a guild hall...along with that goes a mess load of credits. So I think in order to have a PA you must have a PA hall, I hope that's not true but it does keep from any old somebody from having a guild. Maybe they want the PAs to be actual accomplishments...(I'd prefer the EQ way myself)

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    Odama Bassilar
    Currently an Artisan, will eventually be a Creature Trainer.

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    Cool, one more to add to the list.

    Yeah, to create a real guild or PA, you have to have a master architect and a PA Hall deed. Its a good amount of work, but yes, it will deter the average joe from trying to make his own PA for no reason.

    I talked with Udem in game about it. If needed, I'll go towards being a Master Architect and we can all build up some cash on the side to get the deed. Then we'll pick a spot and i'll build the hall.

    If you guys don't want a PA, thats fine too. Its up to all of us to decide.

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    I'd be interested in a player association but I'm not sure how much time I could devote to the game.

    Glad I can finally list you guys on my friends list though. Next time I get on, I'll be looking around.
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    I am becoming sooo jealous of you guys.
    I've stayed away from online gaming for years now ... but this one ... mmmm ...
    I'll be watching to see how it works out for you all.

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    Well, things are going GREAT in the game, and I am having a blast. Most of the bugs have been worked out. There are the occassional server maintenance times, but that is it.

    I hope you all join up!
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