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    Considering getting this but...

    If the box lists "Windows 98 SE" will it run on Windows 98?
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    I am about to drop the artisan trade as well. I master engineering, but I apparantly have to master tailoring now to be able to make the next type of armor. Really I just wanted to do smuggler, but now I think I am just going bounty hunter instead.
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    I think it will run on Windows 98 just fine but I can't say for certain. Had a bad day today, accidentally wiped my character and now must start anew. (Reminds me of beta kinda) I've only really seen LIMP around but hoping we can get some more people together at least a small group anyway. For now,which is hopefully just tonight, I'm shut out of Chilastra.

    Chilastra is one of the more crowded servers (I think it takes second anyway), maybe a move to somewhere else is better for the future. Now I'm partly saying that because I don't have a character anymore but also because Full servers might stay full. Now I'm not sure LIMP would want to move somewhere else, heh.

    I'm suggesting Wanderhome, next to Flurry it seems to be the least populated. Of course it doesn't really matter if we don't have alot of people playing together, but ya never know. A new start might be good, I know I don't have a choice whatever server I play on.

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    I've been incommunicado for a few days b/c I've been playing so much!

    I created an entertainer on Radiant. she's a Twi'Lek named Dan'Cor. I started her off at Mos Eisley but the system lag was terrible b/c of so many people in the Cantina (60 - 120 seconds between keying a command and it actually happening). I'm presuming that was the problem, it went away after I left ME.

    I think that it's a little too easy to achieve teh next level if you can have another PC teach it though. I had reached the 3rd level Healing Ent and completed 1st level on both dancing and musicianship before moving on. BTW, the TwiLek females are CUTE! Anyway, it was fun watching all the entertainers perform all their flourishes. I love the dancers that can generate light- they're like Marvel's Dazzler!

    What do you think of a seperate thread w/ a list of character names and servers?
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    Well, I'm going to continue my one on Chilastra since shes got 2nd level 1-handed and 2nd level carbine. Shes quite valuable to me.

    Otherwise I have a character created on Lowca. A male artisan that I was using for testing so I could understand the process of crafting. If you guys want to use another server, I will gladly create a character on another server. But I have to say that my Chilastra character takes priority.

    I think we should pick a medium population server. Light population will have less people and will tend to have people who don't care much for starwars traditions and makes it harder to find people who will train you. Medium kinda fits best since you get the people who didn't get into the full servers, but still care about SW traditions and means there are more people who can train you. Lemme know what you guys think. Infact Lowca is medium population I believe. Lets have a vote.

    I'll pretty much go whereever you guys choose. I still want to create an SSG city.

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    Well, I have put a lot into my Chilastra character as well, so I would hate to lose that time. But if people want to go to another server, that's fine, I'll make a character there as well.
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    I think we'll just stay on Chilastra (even though I brought up the whole switching topic) hopefully the people who have the game now and read the boards will start making characters on Chilastra as their mains. I was just worried about the Full aspect of the server but I read something from a developer that put my mind at ease. For sake of doing it I'll post my character info again.

    Name: Udem
    Race: Human
    Server: Chilastra
    Location: Mos Eisley, Tatooine

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    I'll re-post my information as well.

    Name: Mando Calrossian
    Server: Chilastra
    Race: Human
    Location: Tatooine; Mos Eisley

    I am currently working on my scouting and marksmanship to be a bounty hunter. A little over halfway there.
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    Yeah, I was thinking about switching servers but it seems like its taken me forever to get where I am now and I STILL haven't even mastered a single profession. (it's kind of discouraging) So I don't think I could switch now. There's still so much to explore. I haven't even been off of Tatooine yet!

    I've been having a blast though. It just took me a loooong time to really figure out how to play because I hardly ever do RPGs. I'm still not sure what I want to be (other than trying to become a Jedi someday) so that's kind of halting my progress.

    I've had fun hooking up with Mando online though and hoefully I'll see all you guys at some point!

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    And here's my character info again:

    Name: Alura Tuvari
    Server: Chilastra
    Race: Twi'Lek
    Gender: Female
    Location: Mos Eisley
    Profession: Marksmen, Brawler, Medic


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