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    Hey guys! Well, I just purchased the game from a coworker whose son decided no to keep it. $25 for a $50 game is not a bad deal. The only thing that was open was the box. The shrink wrap was still on the cd case.

    Anyway, I have a few questions before I install this puppy and lose all touch with reality.

    Dialup seems to be working for some of you. Have you experienced any kind of problems?

    Once I'm online, can I download the patches at work (highspeed network) and install them on my computer at home?

    How large are the patches/downloads?

    How much ram are most of you using, 256 or 512?

    How many are in the SSG group and what server are you guys using again?

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    Nice price for the game SD!

    Unfortunately, you'll have to download the patches at home, as they automatically download when you log-in. Each patch usually takes about 20 minutes on dialup, so I am not sure if you will have to download them all, or just the lastest one.

    I haven't had any problems with dialup. Mostly just the patches take longer, and some things take a little longer to load (like the bazaar). But you should be fine. I hopefuly, will have my DSL working again tomorrow.

    I have 512 of RAM, and don't have many problems. Most of my issues are lag, which is usually more server related than anything else.

    As far as the SSG group, I have to say i am a little disappointed. The only person I have played with frequently is Udem, and we have a great little team going. We are on the Chilastra server, and spend most of our time on Naboo, and Tatooine. Currently I am on Naboo, in the city of Keren.

    My character name is Mando Calrossian. Please feel free to look me up. Udem and I could use the company. Hopfully more SSG'ers will join us soon.
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    Lando - I should be on later tonight. My name in game is Odama. I think I'm somewhere outside of theed. I'll msg you in game if I see you on.

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    Thanks Lando! As soon as I'm up and running, I'll drop a message with all the right info.
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    ok, Im in. well.. kinda.

    Ive created a character on the server, but cannot seem to play but a few minutes before my PC re-boots on me.

    I think I have a semi-top of the line PC, so I cannot understand what it could be? XP? my screen res? any suggestions?
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    fixed and golden.


    can we send each other emails in the game? maybe we should send out emails when we log in letting others know we are there n stuff? Itd be nice to know when everyone is on so we can look out for each other.

    Today was the first time I got into it. Im diggin it so far, and with that, I can already suggest the furst name change from Galaxies, to "THAT DAMN GAME" at least I can assure you all thats what my wife will be calling it. I have already gone through two missions on taking out some creature nests, fun stuff.. I killed a slave keeper guy as well.. maybe had he not had that lil blue mark next to him letting me know I could take him easily.. lootin tootin shootin WHOOOO HOOOOO!!

    Im gonna have to hid up in a bar soon though, as I took plenty of battle damage and need to help of some entertainers.. I saw a few earlier and was mighty impressed by the music.

    again, we need to figure out when everyone os on so we can hang.

    Since I work midnights, Ill most likely be on in the mornings, sometimes, and of course on my days off..

    cant wait to see you guys out there!
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    Yes, you can send emails to people in the game. Also, you can add them to your friends list to see when they are on. To send someone a private message when they are on, type: /tell before your message, and only they will receive it.

    I am currently at the Emperor's Retreat outside of Moenia (coordinates +2400, -3900), and it's pretty sweet. I just got inside, and saw Vader, the Emperor, and Thrawn. But for some reason Thrawn is COMPLETELY naked!

    The missions are a little hard, even with my probe droid, but still very fun nonetheless.
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    i'm curious if anyone knows if i can sell this game even after i signed up? would another person be able to use this game after my one month membership expires? i don't want to sell it only to find out later that the guy who bought it can't play it.
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    Sorry I haven't been contactable in the game. I stopped playing for awhile (I know I know, shame on me). Work tied me up to later hours than usual, and made me too tired to play. I'm gonna be coming back starting tonight. Gotta find this Moena, I wanna see Vader!

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    I've finally gotten back to my character in SWG. I've gained a bit more XP, but have added a new profession to my list. I was in the cantina watching the dancers and thought "I should take up the entertainer profession for fun." So I did, and now my character is on her way to getting Dancing I and Entertainer I.

    So now I can go into battle for XP, get some cash and loot, then go to the cantina and dance for others while getting more XP and more cash. Plus people heal you while you dance, which is another bonus. It also gives you something more to do than just constant battling.


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