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    Right now I am currently going about the laborious task of gaining 40,000 combat experience points to get Bounty Hunter. I finally became a master scout and master marksman. Once I get 30,000 more combat XP, I'll be rolling like Fett....
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    Can anyone tell me how to get or build a generator? I was doing some surveying and I want to take advantage of what I found (sunlight!). I tried the bazaar, and it said that there were none available on the entire planet.
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

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    At the bazaar, look under "Data" and you'll find schematics for several items you can build.

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    SO.. so... Now that we have what? 10 people on the same server, Im all about meeting up and taking down a large Fambaa or two or three.. I found out the hard way I cant take one down even when its strength is practically drained.. so..

    I say we figure out a night that we can all agree on being at a certain location at a certain time or something crazy like that.. lets crash the cantina on Theed!! something..

    So far I'm enjoying the game, I have built up my skills slightly and have added entertainer and scout under my belt.. so now I can DANCE baby!! I enjoy joining the band and jammin.. now if I could only find a different instrument.. and a better pistol.. and um. a fishing rod. yeah! I saw a few people fishin and I'd like to give it a shot.. there is so much to this game. incredible I tell ya..

    anyhow, I think we should all meet up, and go trade crazy, healing crazy, and training crazy..

    /tip 250 for suggestions

    also - as you guys figure out different tips, commands n such.. DUH! Post them! CMON!! WHOOO HOOOO (cabbage patch ) ITS YOUR BIRTHDA.. ok.. never mind. ( its late.. err, early.. )
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    Any of you folks happen to know why I can't get the faces on my more humanoid characters (human, twi'lek, zabrak) to work? At first, all I got was a black spot with eyes and teeth where the faces should be. Now I've managed to get a grey face with black and blue lines running across and absolutely no skin colors or texture mapping. Everything else seems to be working absolutley fine graphically. Any help here would be hot.

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    Tonysmo - I agree it would be fun to meet up on a certain day at a certain location and just roam around killing, healing, dancing, whatever.

    RooJay - Sounds like your missing texture files or possibly don't meet the minimum requirements for the game. I would check the support forums at Your more likely to get a quick response/fix over there.

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    Be with you guys soon... just working my way thru the manual.
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    Is anyone still playing???

    I am almost to bounty hunter. I just need 10,000 more combat XP.

    Jar Jar, where are you? Haven't seen you since the first week. I'm getting lonely...
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    I played a bit tonight.. not too much though. I wandered through the forest on Naboo, leaving Theed, going nowhere in particular.. I have worked my way up past the 2nd Pistol exp, and am working on the 3rd level of XP. Id like to try to gain some carbine xp, as I dropped a ton of credits on it.. just doesnt give me much use without the knowledge needed to use it correctly.. Patience young padwan.. yeah I know..

    need to set it up with all your usernames so I can see whos online. I have the list, just failed to do it. Id also like to know if any of you have houses yet? will there be a future site for SSG'ers?

    and are any of you crafters? , yeah, I know, who wants to be a crafter? just wanted someone to make me a fishing rod..

    all in all, Im happy with the game. really need to stress about getting all of us together.. hunting the big stuff will take a team. Im tired of running.. running is for wimps. ( ala warriors )

    would you say you all mostly play at night? late night? day ? early morning? all day? whenever you have the chance?
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    I mostly play at night.


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