What's up guys!!! I haven't been around of late so, I'm totaly lost. But, I just went out and bought the game for a modest 40 bucks! Got home Loaded everything fine, subscription went through just fine, went to hit play, and then it tells me I don't have enough RAM, and don't know how, but it told me my processor had 0 mhz! That's funny, how the hell am I using my computer in the first place then! This sucks, I let out the biggest DOHpe!!!! you've ever heard!!! So I had to uninstall everything and I gotta call tech support tommo..well this morning to see if there is anything I can do so I can play now, until I can update my computer!
So hopefully I'll see you soon wondering through the Universe, but I'd like to know what everone is doing with or within the game so EMAIL OR Prvt Msg me about your character names, any groups or clans you belong to and anything else important to you or to help me within the game! A BIG THANX if you do! Also, I'm registered as Darth_Aliksir through 'The Staiton', and If I get in any time soon I will probably name my character D'Aliksir(if they allow apostrophe's, other wise: Daliksir)
Don't forget to Email/Prvt Msg me! See ya soon!