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    What's up guys!!! I haven't been around of late so, I'm totaly lost. But, I just went out and bought the game for a modest 40 bucks! Got home Loaded everything fine, subscription went through just fine, went to hit play, and then it tells me I don't have enough RAM, and don't know how, but it told me my processor had 0 mhz! That's funny, how the hell am I using my computer in the first place then! This sucks, I let out the biggest DOHpe!!!! you've ever heard!!! So I had to uninstall everything and I gotta call tech support tommo..well this morning to see if there is anything I can do so I can play now, until I can update my computer!
    So hopefully I'll see you soon wondering through the Universe, but I'd like to know what everone is doing with or within the game so EMAIL OR Prvt Msg me about your character names, any groups or clans you belong to and anything else important to you or to help me within the game! A BIG THANX if you do! Also, I'm registered as Darth_Aliksir through 'The Staiton', and If I get in any time soon I will probably name my character D'Aliksir(if they allow apostrophe's, other wise: Daliksir)
    Don't forget to Email/Prvt Msg me! See ya soon!

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    Well, I hope you get everything solved with tech support and get into Galaxies.

    As for our characters and such, go backward through this thread and you'll find everyone's character name, location, species, and the server that we are all using, which is called Chilastra. You may or may not be able to get onto the server, but give it a try anyways.

    Instead of PM'ing you, I'll just tell you what my character does as of late:

    Her name is Alura Tuvari. She's a female Twi'lek of blue color. Right now she is located at the Cantina on Mos Eisley on the planet of Tatooine. Mostly, she can be found dancing for the locals in the cantina. Sometimes she can be found hunting the canibals outside-back of the cantina or in a hunting party out in the desert.

    As for naming conventions, apostrophes are allowed. Pretty much any character is allowed. You just can't name them Darth anything (far as I know) or anything having to do with Jedi/Sith or movie characters that exist.

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    My character is Mando Calrossian, and he is ALMOST a bounty hunter. (just 6000 combat xp away).

    He currently spends most of his time on Naboo, in the city of Kadaara because the missions are very close to the town itself, making it a lot easier to get money, and exp on missions there.

    I am a covert imperial right now, but I am not sure if that is the path I am going to follow. I did it to get inside the Emporer's Retreat, which was pretty cool.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    LIMP=MC: Yeah but I thought I heard that if you change your career or your profession or whatever they call that tree, that you have to start over from the beginning! Is this true, 'cause I did think that we would be able to do many different trees or careers at once, in order to learn different skills that might crossover and benefit or make our characters more well rounded? Does any of what I just said make sense? Or is it that, you can do as many trees as you want, but if you start one you have to finish before you can move on to the next?

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    Well, if you learn a skill, and you decide to give that skill up, you DO lose the exp. you used to learn it.

    The best way to look at it is this.....

    There are beginner professions, and there are elite professions, which you can only gain access to by learning all of one of the professions columns, or by mastering an entire professions.

    For example, to be a Bounty Hunter, you have to become a Master Scout, and a Master Marksman first.

    If you become a Master Marksman, there are several different ways you can go...commando, rifleman, carbineer, pistoleer, etc.

    You can learn lots of different skills, to be well rounded, but I only recommend two, maybe 3 different ones.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    I think I understand what he is asking.

    Basically you have like 2000 experience points that can be used toward professions and skill levels.

    When you choose to start a profession (a general one is where you entertainer, marksmen, brawler, medic, artisan, etc) you have to use up some of those 2000 exp points (I believe it is 100 xp to start any profession). When you get enough skill exp in a specific part of a profession, it tells you that your ready to be trained in that skill. To gain that skill level you need a certain number of profession exp points (from the 2000 you start with). This number goes up as your skill levels go up. If you decide to quit a profession, you lose ALL the skills you learned in it and you gain back the profession exp points. This lets you use them toward another profession.

    So basically...

    You have profession exp points that go toward starting professions and gaining skills.

    And you have skill exp which is gained while fighting or doing whatever actions are part of your profession (fighting for brawler/marksmen/etc.... dancing/playing instruments for entertainers.... making objects/items for artisans.... healing/tending wounds for medics.... etc etc etc).

    I hope that makes sense. If I get a chance later today I will post a pic of what it looks like in the game and explain better from there.

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    .........oh this is just great!
    I wait for what seems a lifetime for this game, and when I finally get it all loaded on my machine and ready to play.....

    ALL the servers are down.

    Guess I'll just have to wait a little longer.
    [FONT=garamond]'Eternity is very long... especially towards the end.' - Woody Allen[/FONT]

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    I had a great time last night. Got killed, then went into the cantina in Moeina after getting healed. Was just planning to heal the fatigue but ended up starting a group. There was a master musician that was great! I ended up almost getting enough Ent Healing for the final level (25,000) and earned almost enough dance for level 3. ended up getting tips of over 3,000 cred's!

    Earlier in the day I had been at the med cntr another time and a Teras Kasi guy increased my health pool almost 75 points. It wasn't permanent though. Do any of you know about this?

    Next question... I was scanning for chemicals and got samples. I can't figure out how to harvest them. The holocron says I need to buy/build a deed for the harvester. Is this right? How do I do it?

    Fem Twi'Lek

    Fem Twi'Lek
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

    Trusty traders / buyers/ sellers: Tycho, SK99, DarthChuckMC, minirock(X2), Lman316, Turbowars

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    Yup, you need a harvestor to harvest the stuff. And with those comes maintenance fees and such.

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    So do I need a deed? How / where do I build or buy one? I've never seen one in the bazaar.
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

    Trusty traders / buyers/ sellers: Tycho, SK99, DarthChuckMC, minirock(X2), Lman316, Turbowars


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