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    Welcome to SSG Greedo!

    All of our characters are on Chilastra. My character is:

    Twi'Lek female
    currently on Naboo

    I chatted last night briefly w/ Tonysmo, who uses the same name in the game.

    You can go thru the previous posts to get others names.

    As for a SSG PA, there is none yet. I was going to ask Tony, or anyone else, if they wanted to buy a group house or something that could be a home base, until we get enough SSg'ers to start a PA...
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

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    Welcome Greedo!

    I think the server you are looking for is indeed Chilistra.

    post your info here once you sign up, and we'll be sure to look for you.

    As for a PA and a house.. Im all for it. Have no idea to do either though.. nice huh? One recommedation though.. once we get a nice big house.. we spring for one of those 60" HDTVs to put up on the wall!! ..

    ok,. ok.. Id seriously love to have a place we could call our own, and as it stands, I do put in some decent hours on the game. My wife of course has changed the name from SWG to that *&$%# game!!! I normally play on my days off so look for me on wed-fri nights.. maybe sat days as well.. and a few hours spread out thinly in-between.

    Still runnin missions for the Empire. Landos waypoints to the Emperors palace are dead on, and its a cool place to be. The troopers outside give nice back up to any Rebel scum that you can get to chase you.. leadin them to the slaughter! After the 1st 4 missions from the gal at the door, you have access to the rest of the building. I assume this is a bug, because I could not access Jabbas main room without going through EVERYONE including the damn cook! At the Palace though, I've already bumped into the Emperor, Vader, Veers and Thrawn. Pretty darn cool. Need to take better screenshots.

    As for being a trooper.. You CAN be a stormtrooper.. depending on what you mean by being a stormtrooper.. You can fully dress yourself in the armor in the game. Its not like your being ushered into a new facet of the game by declaring yourself a member of the Empire. Your still you, you take direction from no one, unless your doing missions. The more missions you do, your faction pts build up, you trade those faction pts for trooper armor.. 1400 faction pts, gets you a shin guard. 1400 pts gets you boots.. 3500 pts gets you the chest plate. etc etc.. so you need to keep building your exp up. everything in the factions costs you faction pts.. above the 200 pts needed to maintain faction standing. Being a trooper so to speak doesnt mean you have to follow all the others, go into battle, or anything differently than how you currently play. IF.. big IF.. you go OVERT everyone will then know you are one or the other ( Rebel Scum, or Imperial Coolness ) and can take action no matter where you are. SO.. in order to play as one or the other, without having to worry about the other faction, stay COVERT.. it takes awhile to change from one to the other..

    so. back to the PA suggestion, I wanna do it.. SSG behind my name would be cooler than uh,.. Joe.. he he.. but seriously, figure out where the house is gonna be.. uh. Naboo.. and how were all gonna pay for it ( Ill gladly donate. ) whos gonna get the deed etc etc.

    Also.. as I play, and I talk with different people, after I get to know a few, mature players.. I point them to this site. I hope to have new members come and hang out soon enough.. we shall see. I speak highly of all you guys, as this is by far the bestestestest forum site Ive been in ah, cahoots with.. so YA'LL DONT LET ME DOWN!!

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    Tonysmo, and everyone... I made my way to Theed so I could hang and run missions w/ you guys. I picked up a couple Imp missions. Whenever I got out to the mission site though they self destructed. I got the reward and the minimal FP of like 10. Can I tell you how ****** this made me? Especially since these missions are like 2K from town! Back in Bestine they are usually 600m to 1K.

    So getting tired of that, I took the shuttle to Moenia to go to Emp's Retreat. I get off and start heading over by cantina, overt, w/ my Stormies, and I see 2 Reb's gettin' blasted. I join in.

    Well, that was the end of that! All these reb's come pouring out of Cantina and kill me. I clone and head to med center. I never really knew what a TEF was, but I had it. And it wouldn't go away (One of my Stormies was still out there, it wouldn't go away until I stored him, which I didn't know at the time). So I see this red dot walking my way and I'm like I hope he doesn't see me. Too bad he did. We circled around Med Ctr and I run back in not knowing what to do. I ran in to the elevator and went up. That saved me for a few. I started to run out, but jumped back in. I figured they would be able to call it and come up. So I stood in there. Since I had the guy targeted I was able to watch him pacing below me asking his buds where I went. I felt like a cat in a tree, w/ dogs pacing below, waiting for me to come down.

    He eventually figured out what happened and was able to shoot me thru floor.

    So I had 1 on my health bar and I started for the Emp's retreat. Was able to find my Stormie in the swamp for protection. I was about 3/4's there and came across another Imp who was going to help heal me, but there were some red animals near us, and I got killed again!

    All my HAM bars were totally black!

    Well, I'm healed now, so I'm going to the Retreat!

    As for a house, how about on Naboo. Put it either close to Retreat, or near a city that has maybe both mission terminals, in case others that want to join are Rebs. Right now I have about 30K I can contribute.
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

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    TOTALLY INTENSE!! Dude, I would freak. I know its a game, but I have yet to go overt for that very reason,.. Im a chicken shi*! .. ok. maybe one of these days.. Im sure it'll be soon since Im building such strong faction pts.
    I last saved right outside the retreat, so I should be there as well once I get back on. Ill keep an eye out for ya. The faction pts they give out there should be a bit better. use the troops surrounding the retreat to your advantage. Have the rebels chase you back up to them, they will work them over pretty well for you.

    The mission completing bug sucks. I know what you are going through. Theed has the same issue. Id take two missions going in the same direction each time, and one would automatically complete every time I got close.. at LEAST 10 times.. sucks.. big time. .

    Once you complete 4 missions for the lady at the door of the retreat, you should have access to the whole place.. of course you should reallygo stompin around up by the emporer.. I did.. he told me I have much audacity to come up and try to talk to him. I was waiting to be crushed.. but he didnt, so I grabbed a screenshot and ran back downstairs. ( YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!! TITANS TOUCHDOWN!!! )
    ( cough ) sorry bout that..
    so.. um, Anyhow. I can't wait to get back on to work the rest of the missions. They were given out pretty good stuff.. boots,. helmet, robe.. etc.. niiiice of them.

    As for the house.. I have to encoded disks I need to sell off, that should give me enough to match.. hopefully..

    cya out there.
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    I have Imp disk 2/4. What ones do you have?
    Maybe group together and share the expense of getting last disc, share FP...
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

    Trusty traders / buyers/ sellers: Tycho, SK99, DarthChuckMC, minirock(X2), Lman316, Turbowars

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    Imp 1/4 and reb 4/4 .. I dunno.. its only 500 faction pts. that or 25k in credits.. hmmm.. we could figure something out. Id have to go to tatooine to sell them anyhow..
    how would we split them anyhow?
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    got your in game email Dr Evazan, and responded. Wasnt on long.. but long enough to pick up Imp disk 4/4 whoo hooo!

    anywho.. Gotta question for all of ya that have played the game.

    Do ya like it? I mean, really really enjoy logging into the game, knowing you havent seen everything?

    The reason I ask, is cause I was reading the SWG forums.. ( wha? Oh like you guys dont look at other forums sometimes! )

    anyhow, those forums are filled to the brim with people who do nothing but complain about the game. They hate it, and they post that they hate it. The give the developers so much grief.. It makes me wonder, why? Its a brand new game. SO what if they dont have ALL the bugs worked out. I see the some of the same bugs, but Im not ready to cancel my subscription.. These guys need time to work on these things. but the general populas doesnt seem to buy into it. At least not from what Ive read. I guess Im just not a hard core gamer. Ive never played Ever Quest. I dont spend 10+ hours at a time on anything.. ok, maybe fishing.. but still... I dont get why everyone is soooo upset.

    anyhow, maybe 6 months down the road, if things arent any better, I can see them getting upset. but as it stands. I myself am having a great time when I log into that game. I look forward to them adding more content. I am not however going to cry and moan the whole time until they do. I wish some of these people would figure out the two easy steps.. cancel subscription, step away from PC.. I guess I get tired of going to look for questions about how things are supposed to work, and other general questiona about the game, only to find every single post filled with I HATE THIS GAME WHHAHAAAAAAA!! bunch a losers.

    with that, I again want to thank my fourmites for having such good fun on these boards.
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    I am totally addicted... 8-12 hours a day (when allowed).

    I smell, I'm hungry, I have no friends left.... I don't care.

    I can live with the bugs, the experience is good enough.

    Roll on the player vehicles though, my legs are tired.

    Daxxy Dyrll
    Novice Everything
    Mos Eisley
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    look me up you guys.... I'm going to be playing this game for a LONG time yet.
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    Ive added you to my list, wasnt on long tonight.. work.. grrr..

    the next few days I should be on though..

    how much lober do we have to collect those darn disks? anyone?

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