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    I haven't logged SWG hours in awhile. But I will be online tonight so keep an eye out for Alura!

    I'm all for an SSG PA. I'll donate whatever I can to get one going.

    The problem lies in that we need someone who is an architect and can build a PA. If it comes down to it, I'll make Alura go for an Architect profession and work my *** off getting to the point of building a PA.

    As for the place, I like Tattooine. On another server, I had a char on Naboo and it doesn't seem all that great. Maybe I just haven't gone out far enough or something.

    But either way, we'll get a vote going and that will decide location.

    Hope to see some familiar faces online tonight

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    Sorry about that Dr Evanz. My SWG just suddenly quit out completely and took like another couple of minutes before I could do anything in Windows. So I decided not to go back in for awhile...or another night.

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    Hey guys! I can't tell you how much of a blast it's been playing this game the past week or so!

    Besides running missions w/ Tonysmo and CJ, there were all the other people I met in the game and running w/ them.

    Then I liked naboo so much more than Tat. Then, I hear players are getting mad $, XP and FP on other planets so I decide to go to Corellia, w/ CJ. First it was a little of a let down b/c they didn/t have an Imp terminal, but we started running neutral missions. The $ and XP started rolling in! I'm working on Rifle 4 and Carbine 4, and it took me maybe a a week and a half to get to 21,000 XP (need 70k). Since I got to Corellia last night I've gotten about 40k more in Carbine.

    also added medic and scout skills to my reportior (sp?) and that seems pretty fun, especially since I can now heal my pets.

    Just have to go back to Naboo to build my house to get rid of some of my inventory, and sell of looted weapons.

    Trying to get some Stormy armor to wear.

    Does anyone have any idea exactly when the Cries Of Alderaan ends?
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

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    Yeah it was pretty fun roaming around Corellia.

    I talked with Dr Evazan about the PA Hall idea when we were there. I think we should build the PA Hall on Corellia near one of the rivers. It looks incredible out there and gives a nice scenic view.

    And on that note, Dr Evazan, if we build a PA Hall there, you may want your house built there also. Just a thought.

    I picked up the artisan profession last night so I'm working toward being able to build houses and such.

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    Corellia sounds nice.. I have many credits Ill be willing to donate to the cause. The last few nights of gaming have been without a doubt THE most exciting gaming Ive done since buying into this. I was able to turn in those Imp disks with the good Drs help, and now Im just grindin away to get the trooper armor.

    I do need to research where we can go for Imp missions though, as naboo has them, but most there are level 9-10.. I went to Dantoonie ( cause I had never been there ) and the imp post is pretty darn cool.. aint too much out there.. but the imp missions are like level 35-40. I tried one, and keep leading the rebs back to the imp post. the imps and the ATST would take out 4 of them while I laid there.. once I got back though, all the rebs had respawned.. Id love to get a group together and try to take them out. those seem like they would pay out extremly well..

    as it stands, the way the missions are on naboo, Ill need another 12-15 missions to get my chest armor.. grrr.. and now Im back to work..
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    Hey Tony!

    The missions around Theed have been paying off a lot better for me lately, in the 700 - 900 credit range. And maybe this is weird, or not true! But It seems like the more FP I get (and save) the more comes my way from running missions. I currently have about 23 -24 hundred, and I'm getting over 50 per mission. I realize I'll still need to run a thousand missions to get my stormy armor, but still, it's seems to be getting better.

    I asked an archtecht (whatever) about a PA. the hall will cost 300K! Right now Gandhi only has about 25k. More missions!

    While over on Corellia I stopped at Talus (Imp Outpost, 1 of 3 cities). The missions were all pretty close to the base, but I got greedy trying to get XP and was killed. Couldn't find a medic so I left.
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

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    agreed. Im at 2900 ft pts after todays shindig -enjoyable to say the least.. those shauputs are too funny.. Next time maybe we should just leave the lair alone.. . .

    as for the 50 pts for each mission, yeah, thats after taking down the three rebs plus the base.. I still think we can do better. on average, those missions run a difficulty level of a 9 or 10.. on Dantoonie they are much much higher, like a 35 - 40.. we need something in the middle.. maybe a 15-20. Im ready to take on more, but I couldnt whoop any of those rebs on Dantoonie.. just too many.. even after leading them back to the outpost.

    I think I currently have close to 50K. grindin grindin grindin.. I also think, that when you play early, say in da mornin.. the missions pay out better as well, and as more people log on, the missions become less desirable on the payouts.. Just something Ive noticed..

    also, Aka'kbath has recently build a house. As it stands I havent seen it, but I have access. I will talk to him and see if he is cool with letting us all enjoy the comforts.. can never have to many places to rest your feet eh?

    sorry I dont get to hang out very long on my work days, but Im sure you all understand.. log in, grind a few missions, call it a night.. Maybe Ill have trooper armor by December.. A nice Christmas present indeed.

    What level are you as an imp? instead of buying armor, I went to lance corporal to corporal.. I think I will work on my armor now before becoming a sergent. I still need to research what the advances will get us.. Ill post what I find of course.

    Also, I did pick up my 1st treasure map the other day. kinda neat, thug/reb, not sure dropped an encoded disk, but not a story one, I decoded it, and it turned out to be a map.. found the way point, dug it up.. and other thugs spawned on me.. no biggie, took them out and opened the chest.. not much in it.. a cdef gun, something that of course was broken.. and over 3 hundered credits.. not a bad find. I also have picked up my 2nd locked container. Having that kinda bugs me. as you have to have it sliced.. and with that, you have to trust the slicer.. The last one I had sliced "failed" Ill never really know. so if one of you guys can slice.. hee hee

    Anyhow. Im sure Ill be back on a bit Monday evening.. grind a few. until then..

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    Well, I'm sitting with a hard decision.

    I like my character (Alura Tuvari), but I love the idea of having the stormie outfit. So I keep pondering the idea of giving my good weapons/armor to someone from SSG, deleting Alura, starting a new char, and getting the weapons/armor back (which is about the only way I can keep the stuff).

    I know that I can join Imp and get the armor, but my understanding is that twi'leks can't wear the helmets. And past that, does anyone know if females can wear the armor at all? I would think for continuity purposes, they wouldn't be able to since no female has ever worn the armor.

    THIS is why they need to let us have 2 chars per server. I know the reasons why they don't, but its frustrating for those of us who wouldn't use it for the wrong purposes. This is where a jedi slot would be very nice....but I think thats a one in a trillion chance of happening for me.

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    Id be happy to hang on to your stuff.. Id place it in my bank account on theed. does suck that only certain characters can do certian things.. even when they say creating your character shouldnt have an affect on anything you do. regardless.. Id be more than happy to help you out.

    lemme know.

    and what in SAM HELL were you all thinking when you signed up as female twi'leks anyhow??

    kidding.. I look like such a stud runnin with you uh,,.. women..
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    found this, thought it would be a good read for the rest of ya's.

    also - cooljoe, if you decide to change characters.. make sure your a SLICER!! so you can hook all of us up..
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