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    I'm going to ask in the SWG forums about female twi'leks and the stormie armor.

    I really don't want to lose the character.

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    Finally signed on for the first time in a while tonight. Didn't see anyone on though. I'll chip in for the PA hall. I have about 100k credits right now.

    Look me up, Mando Calrossian.
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    We need to get a poll going on where the PA Hall should be.

    Personally, I like either Corellia or Naboo. Either way, it needs to be near a river (I just think it gives a GREAT view and setting area) and relatively close to a town/city with atleast a shuttle port. Also, keeping it away from major monsters would be a good idea. The only thing I don't like about Naboo is the big cliff to get up to Theed. Once we can have mounts and such it won't be a big deal though.

    Remember, the next installment for SWG will include the ability to create your own city. This means we can have a SSG city. We'll make one of us the mayor and make it so only those we allow can place a building in our city. That way we keep control of the city, yet allow more people to visit and possibly join.

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    By the way, I asked about females and female twi'leks abilities to wear stormtrooper armor.

    Though it strays from continuity, the female humans CAN wear ALL of the stormie armor.

    twi'leks (male or female) can wear all BUT the helmet.

    I'll probably join the Imp and buy up all the armor (helmet as well). And if I decide to switch to a human player later on, I can save the armor somewhere and reclaim it with my new char. Atleast this way I can work more on my skills and get the armor while I decide.

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    what goes into buying a house ? I need a deed? then what? never done it.. figure Id better get one, we may as well all stay in one area. If you guys already have a house somewhere, I see no reason to move it. I would like to know though, what I need to do to buy one, and set it up..
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    I believe that you can just buy the deed from someone or from the bazaar. Then you just take the deed to where you want to place it, and place it.

    Could be wrong though.

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    Basically you buy a deed. Then decide where to place the house. When you get there, pull up the deed in Inv, and there is an option on the radial for placing / building the house. My house was built pretty much instantaneously. My house is Naboo style, so I can't move it off planet.

    As for an SSG city, it's looking like it may be a city of 5 or 6! At least right now. but I would like to be able to set up our own shuttleport, and mission terminals, and all that.

    I picked up 2 Imp missions this morning. I've tried this one 4 times already and keep gtting killed!
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    I like doing my IMP missions in Kadaara. They are very close to town, so you can do them faster.

    I haven't bought a house yet, but I will do so when we decide on a place to live.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    dr evazan - why do you say a city of 5 or 6? I'm guessing you mean because there is only about 5 or 6 of us that reply here and are known to play the game.

    Also, since your the first with a house, do you know if you can move the house at all?

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    whats the difficulty level of your imp missions? I should be around wed- fri night. Ill look to help ya out when Im on.

    I assume Ill have to buy into a deed now as well.. going prices on those?

    sooooo close to picking up my 1st piece of armor..
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