I have a large house now, SW of Theed,. Its next to other houses, most are vendors. Your more than welcome to move into the neighborhood. The name on the house is Bourbon Street. Its a decent jog from theed but nothing too bad. As for starting a city... 50 people is quite a bit. I think I talk to ONE person on a regular basis.. and know 5 people max..

As for the creature mounts. I cannot train them to be mounts. but I can go a tame the babies.. so.. if ya need a mount.. lemme know, I can get them. but youll have to find a master CH to train them - I aint that skilled yet!

Anyone find or get a holocron yet? me neither.. BUT I did find a kick butt crystal used in making a double bladed lightsaber of a jawa.. I thought it was cool.

I also killed a jedi. Yep. it was extremly hard of course. This wasnt a player Jedi, but an NPC untrained padawan... still hard as all hell to kill..
There are the jedi ruins on dantooine. I had to run from the outpost ( 10 minute run ) 3,.. yes 3 times.. to kill this guy. He keep the damage that I had given him, which was nice,. but as I got a good bleed shot on him,. he killed me.. so I laid there, and watched him bleed to death.. sucks.. cause I got no XP for it, cause I was dead.. ( that to me shouldnt matter )

I finished the Imperial Theme park, and have one last mission to complete before finishing Jabbas theme park.

its alllll good. Still enjoying the game. Hope they fix the loot quickly after the last major patch.. going from 20 -30 credits.. to 2-3 credits per kill is very uh.. sucky...

hope to see ya'll in game soon!