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    I have a large house now, SW of Theed,. Its next to other houses, most are vendors. Your more than welcome to move into the neighborhood. The name on the house is Bourbon Street. Its a decent jog from theed but nothing too bad. As for starting a city... 50 people is quite a bit. I think I talk to ONE person on a regular basis.. and know 5 people max..

    As for the creature mounts. I cannot train them to be mounts. but I can go a tame the babies.. so.. if ya need a mount.. lemme know, I can get them. but youll have to find a master CH to train them - I aint that skilled yet!

    Anyone find or get a holocron yet? me neither.. BUT I did find a kick butt crystal used in making a double bladed lightsaber of a jawa.. I thought it was cool.

    I also killed a jedi. Yep. it was extremly hard of course. This wasnt a player Jedi, but an NPC untrained padawan... still hard as all hell to kill..
    There are the jedi ruins on dantooine. I had to run from the outpost ( 10 minute run ) 3,.. yes 3 times.. to kill this guy. He keep the damage that I had given him, which was nice,. but as I got a good bleed shot on him,. he killed me.. so I laid there, and watched him bleed to death.. sucks.. cause I got no XP for it, cause I was dead.. ( that to me shouldnt matter )

    I finished the Imperial Theme park, and have one last mission to complete before finishing Jabbas theme park.

    its alllll good. Still enjoying the game. Hope they fix the loot quickly after the last major patch.. going from 20 -30 credits.. to 2-3 credits per kill is very uh.. sucky...

    hope to see ya'll in game soon!
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    Well, I'll look into the area where your at. Right now my place is fun since it has nothing immediately surrounding it. Eventually I'm going to go travel to an open area and build my own housing area so I'm not packed next to tons of houses of people I don't know.

    I wouldn't mind a creature myself. The tough part is paying for a CH to train them. Although I am a bit lost on something. How does the creature go from baby to adult? Does it just happen over time?

    I haven't found a jedi holocron yet. I've been hoping, but no luck. And I can't really pay the $100 on eBay or the 2 mil credits in the game. I'm hoping I happen accross one somehow on either chilastra or gorath (where I have another char that barely gets used).

    I know the jedi (untrained padawan) you are talking about. I heard about the holocron mission so I figured I would get one from him. Turned out to be a broken holocron ( ). The first mission from him (the verator lizard) took like 10 fights to kill. He incapped me each time. When my character got up, I waited til I was healed and then attacked again. Man does my character need some serious skill training. When I got to the jedi, I went near it for fun and it incapped me so fast I couldn't even pull out my sword. Not like I expected to kill her, but was fun to see.

    I haven't finished any of the theme parks. Not even sure how to start them or where to go. I've just been working on the architect skills and once in awhile I go do imperial missions.

    I haven't noticed a loot problem, but I haven't done any regular fights since the patch, so maybe thats why I don't see it.

    Oh well, I'm going to be playing alot more in the next few weeks. I have finals this week (no homework yay!) and the next week I have no school so I get to stay up late.

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    I am sure I can hook you up with a creature/mount.. right now the ones I have are still untrained ( not skilled enough to train them as mounts yet ) but I can hook you up with one.. and as I store them.. each day that goes by, they level one more level till they level out. So the mounts I have are both level 3 or 4 now. I should be able to have them trained as mounts soon.

    the lizard you ran into from the holo mission was a toughy, and yeah, I thought the holo I needed to deliver was gonna be a whole one.. not broken.. but oh well. I will not pay anyone for one.. Ill wait my turn. As it stands Im still not enough of a Badazz to whoop any surface marshalls alone... that time is coming soon though - as last night I finished off scouting, so I am ready to master that, and become a novice Bounty Hunter.. Ive had a freakin LLC forever and havent been able to use it. I shall very soon... WOOT WOOT!!

    anyhow, Ill look for ya in game. Ill show ya where some of the good theme parks are. The Imperial theme park is close to Moenia on Theed, and Jabbas theme park is close to wayfar on Tat of course. ( cntr V brings up a map ) in case ya didnt know..

    The thing thats starting to hurt though is the lack of skill points. I know you can create a character that can do EVERYTHING.. but Im gonna have to drop all my entertainer skills and probably some of my medical skills to continue on my current path.. That hurts..
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    Yeah, I'll have to catch up with you in game and look at getting a creature for mounting.

    I'm going to start looking toward grinding away on my levels so I can actually be effective against shaupauts. I don't want to have to worry about where I can go like I do now. I hate the idea of grinding, but I think I've put off my leveling too long so now its catch-up time. Though I don't look forward to the time when I have to lose a profession. I think Medic is the first to go.

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    Hmmmm, just found out some interesting news. We don't need 50 people.

    Apparently 10 will do. We won't be called a city, but we its a start.

    Here's how it goes:

    Outpost - 150 - 10

    Village - 200 - 20

    Township - 300 - 35

    City - 400 - 55

    Metropolis - 450 - 85

    So all we need is 10 people and we can have our own outpost. SSG Outpost! What we need though is an Architect with Construction 4 skill level (which I don't have yet) and a Novice Politician. The Architect makes the City Hall deed and the Politician places it. After that, we have 24 hours to get 10 people with a residency in the city (or outpost as the case may be). The more people that join, the bigger it gets. Each week it either goes up or down a rank based on the population. If we don't get 10 people in 24 hours, the City Hall is destroyed. If we get 10 people and some leave, we have 3 days to get enough people to fill the minimum number (10).

    If you guys still want to do this, we can. Lemme know and I'll grind towards construction 4 skill while someone else does the politician skill. I guess the novice politician skill only takes 500 apprentice points. Then you just visit the politician trainer at the capital building.

    Here's a link to how it all works. I'm up for it if you guys are.

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    10 people.. that shouldnt be hard. The only issue I see is finding someone willing to be a politician. If they give me 50 more skill points, Ill consider it. As it stands.. I have 5 unused skill points left. bye bye entertainer.

    Grinding isnt all that bad.. I wouldnt consider myself a grinder.. I normally try to find interesting things to do - NPC missions for decent loot drops. and then grind what I need along the way. The bigger the bug, the better the xp of course. I had to level trapping to master scout. I didnt like one bit of it, but I got through it semi quickly on tatoonie.. the banthas were good to me.

    now I must start on my creature handling skills.

    lemme know on the outpost deal. Whatever we decide, we certainly have time.
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    Well right now I have Installations 1 and am working on both Construction 1 and Buildings 1. Installations 1 gives me the ability to make some Factories. This way I can just shove the ingredients into a hopper and tell it to make so many items for me. Makes production alot easier. Should make leveling easier as well.

    Also, I got a mount last night. Only $10k too. Its a baby bol. So now I have a creature to ride around AND I can use it in battle.

    So I'll work myself towards Construction 4 and get myself some more warrior skills. Maybe we can find someone else that wants to be Politician if you don't want to give up any skill points. Maybe another SSG'er? *cough* where are the rest of you?!? *cough*

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    Well it seems like a Jedi has been spotted, does anyone have a pic?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CooLJoE
    Sheesh, where are you guys. I'm starting to feel like the only SSG'er in SWG.
    Nah dude, I am on there almost every day. So much that when I see people off in the distance (in the "real world"), I think, "Ooooooooo Meatlump Fools.........., easy looting cash............. " You must be on a different server.
    I am a member of the Blood Guild. Hee Hee. I am on server Shadow---something.

    Quote Originally Posted by evenflow
    Well it seems like a Jedi has been spotted, does anyone have a pic?
    The link CoolJoe posted above look at the player screen shots of the day it shows one, with a red lightsaber.
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    scruff - yup, thats the problem. we are all on the Chilastra server.


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