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    Sony keeps spamming my inbox begging me to come back



    one thing I am pretty stoked about. I ranked in the top 2000 of PVP on my server. Its one of my coolest accomplishments in game so far me thinks.,.
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    Sorry to say it guys. But WoW is not really filling the void where SW Galaxies use to be. I am still jonesing from its loss. I like playing WoW but it just isn't the same experience.
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    I'll admit WoW doesn't have everything that SWG had, but I can't go back since SWG changed too much. I've contemplated trying it to see what its like, but I haven't brought myself to do it. I just feel like I would put time into a game that won't be worth the time because of lack of players and oddball changes.

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    yeah i could never go back to swg wasted to much time on that game to have it taken away. Whattup tonysmo I used to be in IFC with you, my name was gerran.
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    The IFC still kicks in WOW! The Foo rules.

    and Scruff,. You know I miss SWG just as much as you. If they were to put another one together,,., I might go back. If it has anything to do with SOE though.. I probably wont. I cant take having all that work trashed again. They ruined that game for alot of people.
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    I was just watching the deleted scenes from E3 and t made me feel bad that SWG was ruined by SOE.

    For me, the CU was something that I was willing to live with, but as you guys said, it really did make all that work I put into Jedi seem wasted. Especially when all the new Jedi were AFK grinding in Kashhyk. Of course, I didn't have a crafter at the time, but those guys had legitimate beefs also. Now that ANYONE can be jedi without the work hits me hard like a swift kick in the you know whats...

    The thing that made me quit was that once the grind was over, there was really nothing to do in the game. The Kash expansion was great, but when those quests were done, then what? Plus, the servers were dead. Playing WOW, I really see that now.

    Did anyone try the game since Trials came out, or did we all bail out before then? Kinda curious about I would play it for a week, but I will never go back to SOE after all they have done to us.

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    thoroughly killed it graphically it was beautiful. It was functional in the WEEK before the NGE. Again Soloing impossible prior to the NGEand even more so post NGE even as a jedi. as an 80 going against 68 stormtroopers i got pwned (a single troop i might add) the darn things ran all over the screen against 3 forget about it. They really screwed the pooch. Ironically EQ about 2 years ago was and is rather innovative. Nowhere near the flop they made of this game. It astounds me how TH can honestly call a love that piece of worm ridden filth. As a hardcore fan amongst all of us here i'm sure i have never felt more betrayed. Now onward with my level 42 hunter and lvl 10 pali. Funny enough I actually got my wife a comp and she is playing WoW with me. Never though i'd see that happen. Run give a brother a call sometime
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    well Kudos to you guys for sticking it out for so long.

    I couldnt do it

    I think the biggest breaker for me came when after all the time I spent putting togther the BH armor. and even getting my 1st piece of RIS.. to find out I couldnt wear them anymore.. talk about devestated. It just hurt to be at the top of your game one day, and to log in the next to find out you cant beat up a nuna.

    I never had a chance to play my Jedi. FINALLY unlocked a week before the CU hit.. and all was ruined for me.

    I unfortunatly think its great to see SOE wallow in the bottom depths of gamers hearts, and revel in the fact that so many people hate them for what theyve done. I guess it makes me feel better in knowing.. it wasnt just me.

    I still have all my screenies.
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    Yeah I was ****ed when I came back to SWG after the update only to find that the Tera Kasi profession I was working hard at ended up being a worthless fighter. Before the update, I could take on Rancors, after I could barely kill a kadu. And all the armor I bought and wore for months was suddenly incompatible with my character. All that work and money spent became a waste.

    I hope SOE takes a boat load of flak for this and I hope SWG dies off completely. I'd rather it not be around than live as a pile of crap.

    Tony - what server is IFC on in WoW? I used to be with them on SWG.

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    you know eventually it will crap out and they will just come out with a part 2. Hopefully not run by SOE. Now if they gave it to Blizzard what a deal. Matrix online was horrible as well and WB handed it over willigly to SOE that qualkifies as a what were they thinking award of the year
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