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Thread: Female Jedi!

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    Female Jedi!

    Hasbro definately needs to make a 12in female Jedi. I'd like one of Aayla Secura, how about you guys?

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    Well, they are supposedly going to continue doing 12" figures of the Jedi Council characters. So Depa Billaba, Adi Gallia, and Yaddle are likely. As is Shaak-Ti, if they do one from just E2.

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    I wouldn't like to see a female jedi until Hasbro proves that it can make a decent female sculpt.

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    I would love to see one. Hasbro should make one with out a doubt. I wouldn't mind any of the ones that JJBmentioned, but would really like Luminara if they made her as good as the 3 3/4 inch figure.
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    Well, I'd like ALL the Jedi Council Members, but Eeth Koth, SaeSee Tiin, and especially Adi Gallia were the ones I was most looking forward to.

    I loved Adi Gallia in the Jedi Apprentice books and Jedi Council: Acts of War.

    Meanwhile, all the Jedi (female and male) that they've added to our collection for 3 3/4" figues, would make great 12". Of course, Aayla Secura, Luminara, and Bariss Offee are high on my list.

    A 12" Kit Fisto would really rock though!
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    here is a custom 12 inch female jedi i thought you guys would like. (i didn't make it)
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