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    Ill have to dig it up.. Its around somewhere..

    and um... ( sshhhhhhh.. ) Im at work at the moment....
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    "Who liked listening to RICHARD MARX?"
    That would have been me. I don't dislike him now, but his style was cool. Our junior prom theme was one of his songs, perhaps "Right Here Waiting" or "Hold On to the Night." Or was it "Rye Tear Weigh Ting" or "Whole Don, Too - The Knight"? "Write, Hear, Weighting" or "Hole Dawn, Tuna Night"?

    I forget.

    sign it
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    Sigh. As if we needed another concrete reason not to sniff mouse!

    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    I thought he fell off the face of the Earth after he released that one album back in the late 80s.
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    Re: Who likes listening to RICHARD MARX?

    **Richard Marx thread**

    yes.. my master..


    hee hee couldnt resist. I found that old photo. and to think. Im dead sexy..

    wtf was that on his head anyway?

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    Re: Who likes listening to RICHARD MARX?

    LOL. I think that it's nice he cares so much for his pet raccoon that he takes it with him everywhere.

    It's so well behaved, the way it's staying in place and not running off, too.

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    Re: Who likes listening to RICHARD MARX?

    This belongs in the guilty pleasure thread.
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    Re: Who likes listening to RICHARD MARX?

    How'd this thread get revived, and we are all talking about Richard Marx here right? Richard Marx? Oh-boy! But then again I consider myself a Poison fan, so I guess I shouldn't say too much!

    By the way Tony, looking at that pic, weren't you in a band too? Yeah Flock of Seagulls right?!!! Just kidding buddy!!!
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    Talk about Thread Resurrection! Check out the picture of Tonysmo and Richard Marx. I just laughed out loud and still am, I can barely type!

    Oh that hair! And Tonysmo almost looks like he's in a Chip N Dale's outfit standing next to him. Too funny!
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    I remember that day clearly.. and It was exactly 15 years ago. The chip’n dale outfit, I sported well I thought. I was THE busboy for an Italian restaurant called Bartalino’s. Located on the famous “Hill”… I was 15. and that day.. was a Friday.


    but alas I already posted that whole day on page 1.. *sigh* memories
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