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Thread: Lame villains

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    Lame villains

    Who is the lamest villain of all time, in your opinion?

    My vote, despite heavy competition, has to go to Arcade. First, what is his power, or does he just play games? He can control the X-Men, right? That still doesn't forgive the outfit. Ye gods!!

    Runners up include:

    Crazy Quilt
    The Calendar Man (they tried a couple of years ago to update him, but it just didn't work)
    The Owl
    8-Ball (this guy debuted in the 90s? )
    Dazzler (she's a hero, true, but she's so lame she ranks here anyway)
    Stegron, the Dinosaur Man
    Steel Wind (Dazzler's disco cousin)
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    Stilt Man stinks. Impossible Man stinks too - too powerful. The Beyonder stinks for the same reason (except that previously mentioned time when he was all fat, and could tell the babes didn't like the blubber so he went all buff again in the snap of a finger - that rocked).

    Mole Man ain't all that great. Any X-Men villain that ain't Magneto is second rate (Arcade included, but I don't hate Mojo as much as you do, EC).

    Only Spider-Man has a near flawless array of repeat-quality villains in the Marvel Universe, everyone else fights a few real baddies and tons of patsies.

    I think Bat Man may have the nastiest rivals around, though Spidey's rank right up there.

    What I hate worse than a lame villain, is the heroization (?) of cool villains due to public approval of the character. Im talking Sabretooth, Emma Frost, Juggernaut, Rowdy Roddy Piper , etc.

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    Chux- add Carnage to that list. The Armadillo (Capt Amer)

    jj- Venom to yours.

    How about the villianization of a hero? Prof X into Onslaught. I'm sure there are others.
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    Thumbs down

    Read the Scourge series of the mid-80s to find out just how lame the Marvel villains were. My vote? Turner D. Century. His power? To look out of place and throw his hat, I think. Scary.

    I don't like the "Darth Maul" syndrome; create a cool villain (or hero) and then kill them off soon after. I remember an older Capt. America story with Vermin, a rat king type guy. Brings Cap close to the losing-it point after Cap beats him into submission. Saw him about 10 years later, maybe. Thunderbird in X-Men. Into'd in #94, dead by #95. Yes, it was a noble sacrifice, but give him a little more time.
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    Dude, I completely forgot Carnage! He was so lame. Still is if he's not dead.

    The only reason Bats has great villains is because he has so many. For every great foe, he's got twelve bad ones. True, there's Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face. . . but I refer you also to Puzzler, Egghead, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Catman, Gentleman Ghost, Calendar Man, Crazy Quilt, Blockbuster (though they've made him decent in Nightwing), Riddler, Louie the Lilac, the Mime, Magpie. . . .
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    There was a pretty lame character on the superman animated series one time, who was a figmint of Supermans imagination. For the life of me I cant remember his name, but he was voiced by Gilbert Goddfrey.
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    Norm Breyfogle drew Catman AWESOME though.

    The Slyder in Spiderman.

    The Wrecking crew ( one of these guys is lame, the other three are like redundant lameness in case the first guy's lame sputters out).

    Those three armored dillholes from Iron Man. One has an electified net, the others have equally lame weapons. So Lame I can't remember their names.

    The Termite (also from Iron Man)

    Blastaar from the F4. Wooly interdimensional barbarian thingie? Ooh! Scary!

    Master of the World from Alpha Flight. Why does this loser continue to start his world domination scemes in Canada?
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    just put all of Alpha Flight on the list. And from DC The Creeper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eternal Padawan
    Why does this loser continue to start his world domination scemes in Canada?
    Where else do you stand nearly so excellent a chance of Immigration losing your deportation order? (It was some news story within the past few months, how many thousands - no, Im serious - of deportation orders had been lost/forgotten/not acted upon up here. Disconcerting to say the least.


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    Wait Wait, Calendar man?!?! I don't read comics that much, but for the love of God, somebody tell me what his powers/abilities were.
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