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    So who all got their Silver Boba Fett Today?

    My coworker was supposed to attend Origins today, but he had a change of plans. So I guess I'll have to wait until they are available to Fan Club members

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    And when will that be, do you know for sure?
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    I got it today. It is awesome. Much better then the Hasbro scans. It seems like it will be very limited. When I talked with the seller, she said that they only had 800 figures to sell. That would mean that they have approx. 4000 total figures. This would make it very rare. Much rarer then the Lucas Fig.

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    Yep, planning on getting a few of these July 24th. My wife and I are heading to the Indy convention. I also read that they are limited to 2 per person per weekend.

    In other words, each badge is entitled to 2 Fett's. So if you plan on buying more you need to buy a badge for each day! I'm glad I didn't buy a weekend badge, because I would be REALLY upset. As it is I plan on going 2 days once with my wife and daughter and again by myself, I plan on buying 2 badges (one for each day). I will probably go on Thursday and Friday.

    Anyone else here planning on going?

    she said that they only had 800 figures to sell
    Was that per day? Or for the whole weekend. If it was for the whole weekend, I would tend to be VERY skeptical. She was probably just trying to hype the thing. Demand for these things is just way too high, especially when you consider that these will be going to 4-5 conventions PLUS they plan on selling through the fan club. Vader and Sacul were 1 shot convention/exhibit exclusives, and Vader had a VERY limited Fan Club run.
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    I asked for the day off to attend the Origins festival with my pal, but i got scheduled anyway. I did talk to him this morning and asked him to pick one up, if he could. got home tonight and found out he got me one!! He said it'd cost me 50 bucks though....and then he giggled and said i owe him 10. hehehehehehehe
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    I plan on going. I'll be the goofy looking guy with a bunch of tattoos.
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    I'm going to the Indy Con, sith. I'm stoked about it; especially since all those Star Wars folks were added at the last minute.

    Maybe we can try to kill some time together.


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    If anyone gets an extra please LMK. I can not make it to any conventions. I will buy ar trade with you guys
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    If I'm allowed to go, I'm going to get 5 of 'em, but they're already spoken for - one for me and one for each of the kids. (I say "if" because I have a trial set for that time that I'm doing my best to get post-poned.) I'm sure you'll have no huge problem getting your hands on one, though. There's some good Joes 'round here.


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    Originally posted by Jedi_Master_Guyute
    He said it'd cost me 50 bucks though....and then he giggled and said i owe him 10. hehehehehehehe
    What guy giggles?


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