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    Thumbs up Return of the King Teaser Poster

    Aragorn means business...............

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    I want a teaser trailer for this curse'd movie!!! C'mon Peter Jackson!!! Gimme a trailer!! please!!
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    I can't wait for this last movie in the series. I'm happy waiting a few years between SW movies but I'm not nearly as patient for the LOTR! Bring it on!!
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    Neh, I can wait, all though I do like the Lord Of The Rings, I find it extremely overated and I really mean EXTREMELY OVERATED!
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    I probably shouldn't be saying this, but I think the Lord of the Rings trilogy is a much better trilogy than the Star Wars Prequels trilogy. It does not touch the original trilogy, but is much better than the Phantom Menace and Attack of the CLones.
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    I agree. The LOTR trilogy is a true trilogy as each movie/story is dependant on the previous/next. The current SW trilogy isn't like that and is more geared towards each movie standing on it's own. I guess that's fine but at least the OT had a cliff hanger between movies 2 and 3. I have nothing to really look forward to in the Episode III. Yeah, the war began but so what? SW isn't about the war, it's about the characters and I don't feel any need to really, really know what's going to happen next. Will Anakin and Padme have wedding bliss? Oooooh, I hope so.
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    I think Lord of the Rings is a fantastic Trilogy. It has amazing detail and excellent continuity. I don't think its overratted at all. Though I don't compare it to Star Wars.
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    LOTR is alot more captivating trilogy than the new trilogy with SW. I find myself waiting for these movies to come out more than EPIII right now. Maybe it is because we knew in advance that they would be coming out each year as compared to waiting another two years for EPIII. Kinda hard to get excited for a movie that is still two years away.
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    Thanks for posting the image of the poster Pendo.

    I'm not a big fan of posters that only show a picture of someones mug though. I remember the days when posters were works of art but these days thats rarely the case. Hopefully the theatrical release poster will be better.

    I think that this is possibly the best trilogy of all time. Don't get me wrong SW will always hold a special place in my heart and I love the SW universe but this really is one story with little to no time passing between the installments. As far as this movie being overated, I don't think so. If anything they're underated. For fantasy fans a movie of this caliber was long overdue and the amount of care put into this production shows. This series is totally unique and I can't wait for ROTK.

    BTW when are we going to see a teaser? I seem to remember seeing teasers for the previous installments by this time the last 2 years.
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    That poster is great, but I've thought that this one would've been better:

    (by the way, anyone care to pm me and clue me in as to why the means of attaching pics has changed, and how I can get it to work?)


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