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    Okay here's my problem. I just recently made something out of Super Sculpey, it broke nad now I need to know either what type of glue to use or if you have any tips on how I can glue it without having to hold the piece for several hours.
    If I use the hot glue gun the glue may ooze out over the sides, but if I use modelling glue I'll have to hold it. Any suggestions?


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    Now why would you torture yourself by holding the piece while it dries? Do what I do for my works when I need to glue pieces of materials. Use a precision clamp set which you can get from Sears or any other hardware store. They come in various sizes and will hold more firmly than what your fingers could do.

    As for getting rid of excess glue from the hot glue gun, you can use an exacto knife to clean it up or even sand it off. That depends of course on what size of material you're working on.
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    I use super glue[Loctite 495]this seems to work well.I haven't use it on any sculpey as of yet.But it does seem to work with most everything else with little to none of the whiteing you get with other super glues.The glue is a little hard to find but should be in most hareware stores.
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    Thanks for the tips. The reason I was torturing myself by trying to hold it was because the way the piece broke off I wouldn't have been able to get a clamp positioned to hold it. It broke off at the base.
    Essentially here's what happened. What I do is customize Pez dispensers. I take a pre-existing dispensers, sculpt clay on them and turn the into new dispensers. I made one of Donkey from Shrek, but while I was boiling him his ear fell of at the base of his head. I didn't want to use the hot glue gun because of the chance it would ooze over and I would have a tough time cleaning off the remaing glue (Sculpey is kind of brittle when boiled as opposed to baked) and because I don't consider it a permanant glue. I never considered using a clamp, but I don't think it would have helped in my case.



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