It's been a long time coming but it's finally here! This is the NEW version of our Forums system. There are MANY new features. Too many to post so you will just have to look around for yourself. Changes will still be made as soon as I get a feel of what needs to stay on and what needs to be turned off. Oh, and the navigation buttons at the top are temporary. If you put your mouse over them, they will tell you what they are (Open Buddy List, View New Posts, Mark All Forums Read, Logout, and Simple Search.

A few features members are inquiring about most:

Well, let me say, this forum upgrade has a ton of new features Which we will be telling you more about the more we learn about. A couple of new features we have enable are the user rating system and user participation system.

Enabling this option in your User CP Options allows you to quickly manipulate different aspects of your posts including color, font, and size. In addition you can click on smilies to have them inserted into your posts.

Profile Picture
You can now upload a profile picture in your User CP

vCard download
Allows other users to download a vCard with your email and username contained within it.

User Participation System
The user participation system basically just is a visual indication which shows how active the member is in participating on our site. The different levels are indicated by stars, and can be achieve by reaching certain "milestones":

User Reputation System
This is basically what is know as user Karma. It is a way of rating users based on the quality of their posts. While this is only based on other users opinions, if used properly, it can give a pretty good indication of what type of poster the member is. For example, if a user consistantly makes post which other users feel are negative, then their reputation will show.
There are many factors which are taken into consideration as to how much of an effect a users vote will count. For example, the vote of users who have been here longer and have participated more, will have more of an impact than a newer member.
Here are a few of the "factors" which determine the impact of a vote:
- Users must have at least 25 posts before their vote will be considered.
- Users reputation count must be at least a 10 for their vote to count (all new members start out with a 10).
- Users are only allowed 10 reputation clicks every 24 hours.
- Users must click on at least 10 other people before they can go back to a person (this prevents cheating and allows for fairness in case someone becomes mad at another member).
- Each user starts out with 1 point of reputation altering power. For every 180 days you are a member of this site, your power will increase by 1. For every 100 your reputation increases, your power will increase by 1. For every 500 posts you make, your power will increase by 1.
So, as you can see, the better member you are, the better your reputation and voting power will become.

In order to vote on a post, look for reputation button located next edit and reply button in each individual post. When you click on it, it will pop up a window and ask what you think of the post. You will then choose 'I approve' or 'I disapprove' and you can also give a reason why you feel the way you do (this is only visible to the site administrators).

As people start voting, you will start seeing an icon showing up next to the users post count. The more icons you see, the higher the users reputation. So someone with 5 icons has a higher reputation than someone with one icon.