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    Woah, those look very good to me. A yaddle figure! Hee!
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    Well, my prediction was pretty much correct. Other then the guess that Passal would be regularly carded as that's how he was rumored. Both sets look fantastic. And it's nice to finally get figures of Yareal Poof, Yaddle, and Depa Billaba. And the War Room set looks nice also. I figured that Nute would be a retooled Nute Gunray, but the Shu Mai, and Passel Argente figures make it a must buy.

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    Very cool! I dig the Jedi council set. Hopefully we'll get an Oppo fig someday too.

    I'll get these if I find 'em, definitely!

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    Hopefully we'll get an Oppo fig someday too.
    He's in the Jedi Council I set.

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    oh yeah that's right.... I'm spacing.... wrong week to stop sniffing glue!

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    This is awesome. 6 new figures! (I consider Nute a new figure because he's from AOTC)
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    The War Room set is great, though I wish they had at least reposistioned the arms. They made the figure look freakin new, they should've given him Rune Haako's arms, as this way it looks like Nute is still in need of a cold shower. Even worse now he has the "don't disturb me!" look on his face.

    The Jedi Council set is awesome, but highly disappointed Depa is just a shell. Her body almost looks like POTJ Saesae Tiin's, but she needs a chair as well! Hmm, maybe the cloak can come off and we can slip on Pilot Obi-Wan's robe, she looks big enough to make it work. Wonder if she has articulated knees though..
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    too bad the figures in the first jedi council look more like statues. and the mace is just the geonosis rescue one with cloth skirt, if you would. but the second looks great! they all do even though they are statues!!! now if i can ever find the darn things rrrr!
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    Holy moly Passel Argente and Shu Mai! Yareal Poof and Depa Billaba and YADDLE! HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saint Yaddle is the main reason for buying that set. But five new figures is ultra sweet. Nute I'm not bothered about. Look good though don't they? Don't know why they have Yaddle sitting and not Depa. Seems a waste there if Yaddle is articulated a la Yoda. Swap those round and have Depa seated.


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