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    Talking Group Photo

    Although I'm not supposed to be sharing anything from Star Wars Hyperspace, I thought I'd show you all the "Group Photo"...

    ...which I accidently managed to edit slightly ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendo
    Although I'm not supposed to be sharing anything from Star Wars Hyperspace, I thought I'd show you all the "Group Photo"...

    You'll soon receive some dead fish wrapped in newspaper on your front doorstep and then people will ask..."Whatever happened to that wonderful bloke Pendo???" and we'll say "Pendo Brazzi sleeps wit da fishes!"

    All for spilling the "Hyperspace" beans LOL

    Thanks for the photo Pendo, that was some good editing, especially Ewan's comment
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    Nice one pendo, good stuff

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    Good one. Although I think Natalie is thinking..."Do you like my tacky pink socks."
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    Its not what George is sitting on but the look on his face that I find disturbing. (Seriously though, this silly photo was enough to get me excited!)

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    pretty funny, pendo! i love it!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Great pic, thanks Pendo!!

    Although, i cannot believe Natalie is wearing socks with sandals!! No!!! She's "that guy" or in this case, "That girl!!" All my hope and respect for her, gone...having to wear socks with sandals...might as well wear the t-shirt of the band whose concert you're at....grrrrrrrr!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deoxyribonucleic
    especially Ewan's comment
    Yeah, like Ewan's one to talk. At least Hayden didn't run around the last film with a pseudo-mullet.

    Natalie looks she she has reverted to her age during TPM.

    The Ricker looks smooth, as always.


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