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    Favourite Costume

    What is your favourite constume throughout the whole Star Wars saga?

    Mine is either Anakin's costume from Episode II when he is traveling to Naboo with Padmé, or Darth Vaders suit .

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    Stormtrooper and/or Boushh, I can't pick one or the other so it has to be both
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    Darth Vader's suit & Stormtrooper suit.
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    I liked the Boussh costume and the Biker Scout. Also Dengar looked pretty sweet.
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    Since ESB is the best SW film IMO (lots of acronyms, eh? ), I have always liked the Bespin Luke fatigues, but also Han's Hoth outfit. As for the Prequel's, maybe Zam Wesell's.
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    Favorite Costumes

    Well that's a tough one, If I had to choose one it would be with out a doubt Vader's. I also like the StormTroopers, Han Solo Bespin, Jango Fett, and Palpatines from ATOC.

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    Boy this is a tough one. Vader, Stormtrooper, Jango/Boba Fett, Han Solo Bespin or the Tie Fighter Pilot. I think I would have to say Darth Vader has the most impressive costume.
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    Luke ROTJ w/out vest but w/ tunic flap open. So of course, the only figure Hasbro makes like this is an over-posed or gimmick-king one. (I'm referring to Final Jedi Duel 3pack and the new Saga one)
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    Prequel Costumes:
    I'm gonna go with Jar Jar's Senator Outfit from the start of the movie. The one made of all the brightly colored beading with the fancy epelauts. Shame that we don't have a figure of this costume yet.

    OT Costumes:
    I've always liked Princess Leia's Bespin Gown. It just screamed that she was no longer the young girl like in ANH, that she'd finally blossomed into womanhood. Plus it had Han and Lando both drooling over her. She's such a genius. Shame we also don't have a decent figure of this yet.

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    Two particular costumes stand out for me -- Snowtroopers and The Emperor's Royal Guard.

    Both costumes look kind of menacing, you can tell from the looks of them that these are not the type of people to mess around with. The Emperor's Royal Guard by the way is so vivid for me, that even at the age of three, I still picture them in my mind when I think of the first time I saw ROTJ in 1983.

    From the Prequels, I will have to pick Amidala's Ceremonial Gown. It is pretty striking and unique.
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