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    Hard to find SW for trade


    All stuff is carded and MOMC/MIMB. Wants are below and I prefer to trade but will also sell if you really want something. Please e-mail me

    -2002 Mexicon Exclusive Obi Wan/Vader 2 pack (which are all also autographed by David Prowse on the back, #'d out of 120)

    -2001 Germany JediCon Exclusive C-3PO

    -1998 Toy Expo Exclusive Green Card Boba Fett Autographed by Jeremy Bulloch with special holofoil Jeremy Bulloch picture instead of Boba Fett. Sequentially #'d out of 2000

    -1997 Hong Kong Commemorative Villian 3 pack (Boba Fett, Vader, Stormtrooper)

    -1997 Hong Kong Commemorative Heroes 3 pack
    (Leia, Luke, C-3PO)

    -POTF2 Theatre Edition Jedi Luke Skywalker (exclusive give-away during re-screening of ROTJ)

    -2003 Saga figures of Aayla Secura, Yoda and Chian, Ashla and Jempa


    Sportspicks NFL variants
    Sportspicks NBA1 Kobe Purple Variant
    Sportspicks NHL1 Yzerman Red Variant
    Bandai Final Fantasy 7 Sephiroth
    Marvel Legends Unmasked Wolverine
    Marvel Legends Goliath

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    hows it goin? i was interesed in the theather luke? how much? and also curious bout the aayla. yoda/pada, and padawan 2pk! Im willing to trade or buy! Please lmk i have some stuff to trade! is there anything else you were interested in besides the things you listed above? LMK post here or email me.........



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