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    being a micro machines collector for some time now, i love small scale star wars ships.

    i reserved a falcon as soon as i became aware that code 3 was going to produce them.

    the price is indeed a tad bit hefty, but the level of detail that is going into this die-cast is awsome.

    long after the sting of paying $300.00 for this toy is gone, i will still be apprciating and enjoying the craftmanship of this wondeful die cast.
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    Hey GSJ, maybe the Falcon could take a prototour-esque trip to my house.
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    I wont be buying it,a bit too expensive for a ship that isnt my favorite.I'd like to see a Super Star Destroyer or the Death Star though.
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    I may have to sell bodily fluids to buy one, but I WILL be buying one.

    I think they are offering payment plans on this as well.

    I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us.
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    Code 3 Falcon

    I'm going to say no because for $295.00 I'd rather have a Falcon that was more to scale with the 3 3/4 inch figures. The Falcon we got from Hasbro was like $50.00 if I recall correctly, so for another two hundred plus I'd rather see a larger more to scale vehicle. The Code 3 Falcon is nice to look at, but only worth $100.00 max IMO.

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    I reserved one for myself. I have always loved the Falcon. It's the ultimate bad boy cruiser. After seeing the pictures, I'd have to say I think it may be slightly overpriced, but then what isn't these days. Look at the price of C.D.'s, nowadays I wait for them to go on sale, but the Falcon I can't take that chance with.
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