This little ship looks pretty detailed and a replica on the quality scale of even Master Replicas.

I'm thinking the Code 3 Falcon is something I'd definitely want, so long as I can afford the price.

As to starting a collection of ships from Code 3?

I'd know I'd think about going for:

The Blockade Runner
A Star Destroyer
A Republic Gunship
A Mon Calamari Cruiser - especially Home One
A Republic Cruiser
A Republic Destroyer
The Queen's Royal Starship
The Medical Frigate
The Executor

But the Millennium Falcon sure tops my list.

MicroMachines' Action Fleet covers most of these ships nicely, but some could just be done way too awesome by Code 3. Probably capital ships mostly, to generalize.

Maybe displaying Code 3's to scale with other Action Fleet ships would make a nice display? AF does a great job on the fighters, right?

Just a thought.

What do you guys think about that Falcon?